Welcome to Stroll for Your Soul 

I’m Janice, host of the Prayer Bench, and one of your guide. I’ll be Strolling in Riverview, New Brunswick in Canada.  I’m delighted to be partnering on this series with Caroline Bindon from the Whangaparaoa Peninsula in Auckland, New Zealand.

Say hello and tell us where you will be strolling! Leave a Reply below.

May 31
An email from Kay Humbert. Love her Garden angel!
My strolls often take me to my garden, where I feel close to God. It has been a very muddy spring, so we added plank paths. After adding the second set of “arms,” my husband and I realized it made a cross. Look closely and you might be able to see the Garden Angel my youngest son made for me. She has a shutter for a body and that’s a tambourine halo.

May 30
Krista Patriquin from Nova Scotia share some blossoms from her Stroll. Aren’t they beautiful?
May 27   
A group photo from the Riverview Group Stroll. Photo credit: Pam Harrison

A video from Leone Curtis from PEI – this, too, is a group stroll!

Peter, strolling in Germany writes of the Waymaker reflection:
 “We definitely have to watch our walkways with all the different cobblestone streets and sidewalks! One photo shows 3 coming together in a sidewalk and driveway.
Easy to stumble if you focus on all the new sights to see (nature, architecture, people and God’s Waymarks!).
Then there are the roading systems and pedestrian crossing lights: called Ampelmann (adopted in Berlin from East Germany after The Wall came down!). They even have stores dedicated to Ampelmann gifts and souvenirs!

May 26 … Peggy Renton, who strolls in Moncton, New Brunswick writes of the maples: “They have given their work and soon they will put on their Sunday go to meeting clothes.”

And Pam Harrison, who seems to be Strolling all over the place sends this:
Today I walked a new path in the area of Baie Vert, NB. The sun and blue sky were wonderful. New birds to see, new sounds to hear and fish to watch. However, the most interesting man joined me for a 15 minute talk. He is doing research on the Acadian ruins in this area. He believes the Acadians left WayMarks for us to find so we will know they were here promoting civilization while living in respect with creation. Enjoy the pictures. Pam
Here is a delightful picture and story from a Stroller:

click on the picture to make larger.

I’m Mary Folkins and stroll with the Millstream Pastoral Charge, New Brunswick.  One day while strolling I took this magnificent picture.  My husband was clearing out some dead trees and had to fell the tree in a different location so as to not disturb the partridge and her nest.

I am enjoying each days stroll and getting in touch with the silence of Waymarks.
Shalom, Mary

Prague Astrological clock

Peter Wilkins is strolling is Prague and sends us a picture of this Waymark. Wow! Thanks, Peter.

Patsy MacLean is strolling on Prince Edward Island. Look at the beauty that invited her attention:

Landscape Glimmers: Windmill and Strolling pathways at Sanssouci Palace, Potsdam-Berlin. Read More of Peter’s reflection in the comments!