Welcome to Stroll for Your Soul

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Welcome to Stroll for Your Soul 

I’m Janice, host of the Prayer Bench, and one of your guide. I’ll be Strolling in Riverview, New Brunswick in Canada.  I’m delighted to be partnering on this series with Caroline Bindon from the Whangaparaoa Peninsula in Auckland, New Zealand.

Say hello and tell us where you will be strolling! Leave a Reply below.

May 31
An email from Kay Humbert. Love her Garden angel!
My strolls often take me to my garden, where I feel close to God. It has been a very muddy spring, so we added plank paths. After adding the second set of “arms,” my husband and I realized it made a cross. Look closely and you might be able to see the Garden Angel my youngest son made for me. She has a shutter for a body and that’s a tambourine halo.

May 30
Krista Patriquin from Nova Scotia share some blossoms from her Stroll. Aren’t they beautiful?

May 27   
A group photo from the Riverview Group Stroll. Photo credit: Pam Harrison

A video from Leone Curtis from PEI – this, too, is a group stroll!

Peter, strolling in Germany writes of the Waymaker reflection:
 “We definitely have to watch our walkways with all the different cobblestone streets and sidewalks! One photo shows 3 coming together in a sidewalk and driveway.
Easy to stumble if you focus on all the new sights to see (nature, architecture, people and God’s Waymarks!).
Then there are the roading systems and pedestrian crossing lights: called Ampelmann (adopted in Berlin from East Germany after The Wall came down!). They even have stores dedicated to Ampelmann gifts and souvenirs!

May 26 … Peggy Renton, who strolls in Moncton, New Brunswick writes of the maples: “They have given their work and soon they will put on their Sunday go to meeting clothes.”

And Pam Harrison, who seems to be Strolling all over the place sends this:
Today I walked a new path in the area of Baie Vert, NB. The sun and blue sky were wonderful. New birds to see, new sounds to hear and fish to watch. However, the most interesting man joined me for a 15 minute talk. He is doing research on the Acadian ruins in this area. He believes the Acadians left WayMarks for us to find so we will know they were here promoting civilization while living in respect with creation. Enjoy the pictures. Pam

Here is a delightful picture and story from a Stroller:

click on the picture to make larger.

I’m Mary Folkins and stroll with the Millstream Pastoral Charge, New Brunswick.  One day while strolling I took this magnificent picture.  My husband was clearing out some dead trees and had to fell the tree in a different location so as to not disturb the partridge and her nest.

I am enjoying each days stroll and getting in touch with the silence of Waymarks.
Shalom, Mary

Prague Astrological clock

Peter Wilkins is strolling is Prague and sends us a picture of this Waymark. Wow! Thanks, Peter.

Patsy MacLean is strolling on Prince Edward Island. Look at the beauty that invited her attention:

Landscape Glimmers: Windmill and Strolling pathways at Sanssouci Palace, Potsdam-Berlin. Read More of Peter’s reflection in the comments!

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  1. I am looking forward to strolling with Prayer Bench Friends, Patsy MacLean Cornwall PEI Canada ????

  2. Good Morning, I will be strolling in Riverview, NB, Canada for the first part then leaving on a bus trip (with hubby) so will be strolling from 17 to 21 May in Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Ontario, onto Montreal & Quebec City – back to New Brunswick on 25 May. Looking forward to the ‘stroll’. Blessings to all the ‘strollers’.

  3. Hello from Maynooth, Ontario. I will be strolling on my 100-acre property for two weeks and then looking for places to stroll with everyone as we head out on a road trip to visit family in Tennessee. That could pose interesting challenges but also an awakening in new places. Judy Denny

  4. I am from Blenheim Ontario and I plan to stroll a lot in Rondeau Provincial Park on the south shore of Lake Erie and some days I will stroll around our town. There are a few days when a stroll will have to be from a window or a mental stroll as some full day/evening meetings are before me. This will be a time to take pictures and I hope write some poetry. My soul is eagerly awaiting May 11.

  5. Strolling with dogs Chloe and Jewel in Toronto.

  6. Hi Strolling friends, I am in PEI and will stroll on the south shore amidst sand, trees, and hills, so looking forward to this retreat. Happy strolling.

  7. I strolled behind the wheel of my car heading from Riverview NB to Saint John. Some days my ‘strolling’ will be where the car takes me. Most days will be out in nature. Looking forward to the journey with each of you.

  8. Hi Patsy, some of us in PEI might want to join in for an outdoor walk, are you interested?

  9. I’ll be strolling primarily along the streets of Amherst, NS with my dog Lollie and occasionally with a group from Trinity-St. Stephen’s United Church. We will be walking together this Sunday evening and again on Sunday June 2nd.

  10. Hi and Good Afternoon…I begin my day here in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada by”strolling” with my elderly aunt to a long-term care residential home where she is destined to move quite soon. We then moved on to the hospital where she had a blood pressure check . The nursing home experience was an eye opener …so much compassion and genuine interest in the elderly shown by the staff and admin folks. I see the future and it gives me pause to consider where I am presently in life with regard to needs based on age and physical strength. Looking forward to beginning my stroll next week with a friend.

  11. I will be strolling in Centennial Park, in the west end of Toronto where the cherry blossoms are now opening!

  12. Blessings on the diversity of your strolls!

  13. I live in Truemanville NS a small community about 15 minutes from the town of Amherst. I expect to be strolling in various places throughout this series as I have a walking buddy who lives in Amherst .We often go to the waterfowl park in Sackville NB , walk the streets of Amherst and tonight in the field behind my house. Strolling is good for the soul.

  14. I’m from Indiana, although visiting the Tulip Festival in Holland, Michigan, for a few days. I’ve never done one of these before and am looking forward to where God leads my wondering in my garden at home.

  15. I might be limping because of an injured ankle but I hope to explore the area around Stayner, Collingwood, and Wasaga Beach and find a few Prayer Benches to rest on and take in the views of Georgian Bay on my way!

  16. Hello All. I will be strolling all around our beautiful property in the countryside of Berwick, New Brunswick. This will be my first stroll and I am looking forward to everything.

  17. I will be strolling in Hoyt, New Brunswick. I was out this evening for a warmup and saw three deer and two morning doves along the way. So much life to see in this beautiful season. Looking forward to journeying with you all.

  18. Hi. I’m Jay in Rothesay, NB – east of Saint John. The beaches of the Bay of Fundy (like Saint’s Rest) and the Kennebecasis River valley are my favorite haunts. There are lots of municipal trails through bogs and Acadian forests nearby and my backyard is a great place to wander about when time is short.

  19. I’ll be strolling too in the area around garden and walking my doggie here in Collingwood, Ontario nearby Nottawasaga Bay. My strolling may involve pruning my roses or checking the leaf growth on my raspberry bushes or stalks of rhubarb. I am Greta Horton, a member of a congregation in Stayner, Ontario.

  20. Hello Deborah, from Peter & Penny in Berlin ????

  21. Welcome Abigail, from Peter & Penny in Berlin ????

  22. Penny & I look forward to joining you from a holiday in Berlin and Munich, and a group from ESG UC in Toronto. Spring is a few weeks earlier here than Toronto, so we are seeing more Green and blossoms blooming.

  23. I am waiting for sunrise downtown Toronto while strolling these halls of healing. I am always looking for signs of tender life flourishing in urbanity inside and beyond the walls.

  24. Good Morning, Shirley Childs here. Happy to be with all of you strolling in the time ahead. Strolling is an appropriate word for me these days as I have knee issues and will have to adjust my walk to how that is going. I will be strolling in my neighbourhood, the old Gunningsville section of Riverview, NB. Really hoping to get down to the marsh soon as that is my real place of delight. I look forward to discovering Waymarks along with all of you as we stroll these spring weeks.

  25. I live in Amherst Shore, near Amherst. I love to walk along the beach and on the sand flats when the tide is low. I also love to walk the trails in the Amherst Shore Provincial Campground and also along cottage lanes, noting the progress of the seasons in the gardens and trees. I’m so grateful to be able to share in the Stroll for the Soul!

  26. Maybe I’ll join you for a stroll during one of the days!

  27. My name is Judy Irwin and I live in Stratford, PEI. My walks will take me through various walking trails and paths close to our home. If the weather warms I might even get to the North Shore beaches for strolls!!

  28. Hello,all: I will be strolling with my 7 month old puppy, Levi and my 10 year old dog, Spike. Both are rescues and are in very different places in their life journeys. We walk early each morning across a field and through the woods. And sometimes in the evening on the Confederation Trail. Best, Ellen

  29. My name is Jeanne and I live in the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario. I am hoping to do some of my walking on the Welland Canal parkway or the Niagara River Parkway. Ships from across the world come to the Welland Canal and people from all over the world come to the Niagara River.

  30. I will be Strolling on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula in New Zealand imagining Spring along with all of you while enjoying the signs of autumn. I loved the Stroll last year and I’ve loved writing with Janice for this year’s Stroll. I’m really looking forward to the next 21 days.

  31. I am in Toronto and hope to stroll the beach area, the streets and the university grounds. During allergy season my strolls will tend to be more urban and there will be one wee of strolling around the Vancouver campus of UBC.

  32. I am visiting friends and family in Kansas this week, so will start my strolling here, then continue strolling at Quilt Market in Kansas City, then back to northern NH, and for a weekend in Maine. Plains, urban, forest, riverside, marsh and beach – Waymarks of life, reminders that God will meet us wherever we are.

  33. Hello from Wasaga Beach, Ontario. I will be strolling along the paths and waterfront in this beautiful part of our country. The birds of spring are arriving and sounds of nature will accompany me as I give thanks for the beauty that surrounds us.

  34. Hello, I live in Harvey, NB and plan to stroll around my brother’s farm.

  35. Good day! I’ll be strolling on the Blue Hill Maine Peninsula and next week for a few days in Hopewell Jct NY with Blue Path Dug (autism service dog in training) and Edwin (retired guide dog).

  36. Good Morning, I’m David Reid From Stayner Ont. The Georgian Bay Area offers many Waymarks from public footpaths, trails and the Bruce Trail through the Niagara Escarpment to take my Strolls on.

  37. Good day,
    I’m be strolling on the Blue Hill Peninsula in Maine with Blue Path Dug (autism service dog in training) and Edwin (retired guide dog). Next week Dug and I will stroll in NY state with other Blue Path pups and their raisers. Looking forward to renewing the journey.

  38. Hi, I am Janet and I am from Harvey, N.B. I will be strolling the beautiful countryside around my farm. Farmland, and woods trails are all around me.

  39. Hi Peter and Penny
    We just returned from a 2 week visit with our son in Hamburg. It is lovely to experience 2 springs.

  40. Looking forward to strolling along through great trail by the water in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, with other members of our pastoral charge. Great to hear of all the other friends from near and far that we’ll be strolling with.

  41. Hi from Charlottetown Prince Edward Island, Canada. For the first week, I will be strolling the city streets or the Confederation Trail through the city. After that, I will be strolling the country lanes and riverside paths of the Mill River area in Prince County,PEI when we move to the cottage. Most days I will have at least one walking partner so I will have to really be mindful of our meditation goals.

  42. I will be strolling the hills in my neighbourhood or crossing the street for the Riverwalk.The word breath reminded me of a sign I saw at Yoga class in FLA.”Breath is the bridge between mind and body.When connected the spirit breathes in and out.”This helps during our meditation time.

  43. Hi my name is Kathy Miller from Coquitlam British Columbia and will be strolling on my own .


  44. Hello Strolling friends, My name is Helen and I will be strolling around Miscouche ,Prince Edward Island. I may do a bit of strolling around Grand River as well.

  45. I will be strolling from our Petawawa, Ontario front porch to the garden most days and also along the beautiful Pembroke Waterfront – when the flooding waters recede. I look forward to this stroll for my longing soul!

  46. Was hoping to stroll today – and I am – mentally – as Asheville, NC is at the mercy of the rain. But anticipate a rainbow sometime today – happy strolling!

  47. Hi Everyone, some days I’ll be strolling in my small back yard, some days in Victoria Park in Truro and some days only in my mind!

  48. Hi, my name is Inge and I live in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. My dog Sophie and I will be walking through the woods near this small seaside town, along the beach, on beautiful Minister’s Island, and with our friend Susan and her 4 dogs in the fields around her farm. We will be joining all of you in our thoughts and look forward to this beautiful communion of strollers.

  49. Hello, I am Cheryl and I am strolling in Coquitlam, BC, Canada

  50. Hi Fellow Strollers – My name is Rose Day and I will be strolling in my complex garden area in St, Catharines, Ontario. I will probably be followed by my noisy cat Pepper:)

  51. Betty, I will be thinking of you sometimes in beautiful Victoria Park while I stroll along the Great Trail in Tatamagouche, which is so alive at this time of year. Kathryn Anderson

  52. Hello Friends, I will be walking, from my back door, along the Sable River, Nova Scotia – sometimes south to the mouth, sometimes north. My black lab ensures that I walk rain or shine. ‘ Nice to think of so many others walking and reflecting too.

  53. In beautiful cavendish, pei

  54. Greetings! I will be strolling along the forest lanes and beaches by my home in Bocabec, near St. Andrews, NB.

  55. Shawn Redden. Usually I’ll be strolling in Moncton area: Centennial Park, Jones Lake, the Riverfront Trail and the streets of west end. I’m hoping I’ll get my bike out this week and do some cycling too

  56. Connie from Crapaud, PEI

  57. Well we have enjoyed our first 2 days Strolling in Berlin – All new to us, so no familiar paths to walk! Today we had sunshine for our Mother’s Day Stroll in the Tiergarten Park – 2 km long in mid-Berlin, with blossoms blooming! Definitely a new journey to see ‘a new way’.
    Looking forward to more new experiences here.

  58. My name is Peggy Renton I stroll with Annie golden doodle in sugar woods those maples present so much diversity ,mystery sometimes I think I am on that road to Emmaus ?? It is such a Holy place ( this is just outside of Moncton NB )

  59. I have been to Mill River, it is a beautiful place. We stayed at a hotel situated in a gorgeous wooded area with a golf course. It was in the Fall and with the fall foliage it was even more picturesque. Might have been called The Mill River inn??

  60. Seeing Caroline’s message for Monday, we were often surprised on our Stroll through Teirgarten park yesterday by beauties in nature, and gardens and sculptures that were not on the Map! Also an interesting Global Stone project!
    Wonderful, unplanned experiences.

  61. I will be strolling with approximately 30+ colleagues of the Spiritual Care Department and Mission and Values Department at Unity Health Toronto (St. Joseph’s Health Centre, St. Michael’s Hospital and Providence Healthcare). We will be strolling in various places throughout Toronto (in parks, on the waterfront, on bustling city streets and in hospital hallways) and sometimes using the Reflections as quiet time while simply taking a breather from the demands of emotionally heavy days.

  62. Hello! Sorry I’m late but I have been, and will continue to be, strolling with you from here in beautiful Castor in east central Alberta!

  63. Hello everyone. I’m Carole D’s friend, Doreen Cormier. We wiĺl be strolling together on this journey. Carole has a beautiful and peaceful flower garden, so will spend time there with her dog Skye. I enjoy the ‘old train bridge’ that spans the Saint John river here in Fredericton, NB . Wherever we stroll we will have God with us, in nature, humanity, the businesses we see and certainly the beauty that surrounds us. This stroll will be therapeutic for both of us. Peace to all.

  64. I will be doing my strolling along the Nappan Road-way on the outskirts of Amherst in Northern Nova Scotia.

  65. I will be strolling mostly indoors this year. Mobility issues. Also, unlike previous years, the strolling won’t involve our golden retriever who bade us farewell last August. Looking forward to opportunities to watch Spring blossom as I look outside my windows.

  66. Hi, I’m Fran and I’ll be strolling part of the time in Toronto while attending a gathering at the Anglican Convent of St. John the Divine. The rest of the time I’ll be strolling around home in Dartmouth, NS. noticing waymarks and discerning a path forward. Blessings to you all – go gently.

  67. Here is a message from Dori in Ottawa:

    Hi Everyone,

    I am here in the Ottawa Ontario area. I have not actually started my outdoor strolling because of the rain and more rain. You may have heard in the news about the terrible flooding up here and many people have been flooded and have been forced to leave their homes and all of their possessions. Fortunately for me, my home is not in any of the affected areas. however, as I said, it is still rain and more rain.

    I have been reading the daily meditations and I will be walking outside as soon as I am able. So I will not actually be on the same time as some of you but I will be doing this outside eventually.

    In the meantime please keep, in your prayers, all of the many people in many parts of Canada that are left homeless because of the flooding.


  68. Indeed we are living in global time zones, connecting around the world.
    Our disadvantage is some days heading out to Stroll in Berlin before we get ‘todays’ message; but we have the advantage of passing along our experiences while Canadian friends are still strolling (or planning evening strolls).
    Blessings to those who made time to enjoy your strolls.

  69. Hi from Karen in Elmira, Ontario. From my kitchen table, I look out, across the road, to a beautiful wooded area that has wide trails for walking and biking. When the Stroll began, the leaves were barely out so I could see people walking the trail. Now that warmer, sunnier days have arrived, the leaves are green and lush, and the trails are hidden. I’ve enjoyed Caroline’s strolls from NZ because they remind me of my several visits there. To top it off, there is a beautiful quilt show featuring the Quilts of New Zealand happening this week in Ailsa Craig, ON (for those who live in southwestern Ontario, it’s worth the drive!) And, on TVO (in Ontario) on Saturday nights is the program “Coast New Zealand”.
    Thanks for the Waymarks!

  70. Now Strolling in Prague for a few days, starting with a great Guided Walk in Old Town to learn some history and stories.
    Some great Waymarks here to help find our way back on winding streets – like this hundreds years old working Astrological Clock at TownHall.
    ? See FaceBook ?
    Cheers, Peter & Penny

  71. On Sunday May 20 I went on the Riverwalk across the street.When I was close t
    To the Point Park area I saw a coyote and her 3 kits.They scattered and hid.

  72. Scary, but so interesting to see!

  73. Thank you Barbara. Please let me know when you are joining for a walk. Perhaps I will be able to join you ????.

  74. Day 14, Landscape Whispers
    We are back in Berlin, and journeyed to the suburb of Potsdam to visit Sanssouci Palace and Park, as many travellers had recommended.
    Indeed this group of palaces and art museums and guest ‘houses’ on 100s of acres of parklands and gardens are beautiful (even after touring others in Berlin and Prague).
    But what captured my attention was the natural beauty of the gardens and miles of pathways to stroll as we ventured through many buildings. I also enjoyed seeing/ hearing God’s breezes powering one of the few remaining old-style Dutch windmills on site. (May send photo) Even from 18th century Frederick the Great had commissioned the use of natural wind energy to power their mills. Something our generation is just re-learning to use Nature’s power.
    We also learned from guides that Frederick also liked to escape from royal duties and crowds to smaller buildings in the Park, or quiet libraries, to read (or meditate?).
    Beauty is all around us.

  75. Peter again. Just so many interesting Waymarks and things we are learning about in Germany. And each day the PrayerBench Reflections seem to match our varied strolls here.
    We definitely need to watch our walkways with all the different cobblestone streets and sidewalks! Else, easy to stumble as we take in God’s nature, Waymarks and people all around us.
    Then there are the unique pedestrian crossing lights, called Ampelmann (Green & Red) to Guide you safely across traffic and transit.
    Blessings along your ways,
    Peter & Penny

  76. I hope some day to visit your beautiful country and it’s so nice to read of your strolling journeys there.

  77. Likewise I want to visit Canada! It’s been really enjoyable Strolling with you all and hearing the journey stories.

  78. Here in Ontario, Canada it has been a very slow spring indeed! Late daffodils, then the. late tulips now in the process of withering.
    Finally, the unfriendly visitor the dandelion has popped up everywhere! But they are a harbinger of warmer days so can’t be all bad, can they.?
    As we strolled we watched the spring season pass merrily by, slow or not.
    Nature wait for no person. We cannot stop the flow of the season.
    Birds nesting, dandelions popping and now lilacs blooming fragrantly.
    My waymarks prove that springtime is yet in flow as it should
    And my heart is in tune with that flow.

  79. Hello – I will be strolling in Salisbury, Maryland which is located on the beautiful Delmarva (for Delaware, Maryland and Virginia) Peninsula. There is an abundance of God’s natural beauty to enjoy here.

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