Deciding to Stroll in the Rain

by | May 20, 2019 | Ordinary, Reflections

by Pam Harrison 

Today is going to mark a change of attitude in my way of walking. The weather has kept me from walking three days on this journey, I miss walking so much. I reflected on your words and enjoy the day, but something is missing.

So I am going to “walk in the rain” and figure out how to enjoy the experience.

I get a shower every day – so my shower will be outdoors!
I wash and dry my clothes often, so I know I can look after the concern of wetness.
Can I combine these actions in my mind to the point of “joy”.
From ‘whence ‘comes my attitude on life giving water ????.

Out the door I go to walk for an hour or approximately 8,000 steps. It is going to be a wet way to mark my walk but I am looking for the joy in this day. I may even walk up and down hills.

Pam Harrison is a participant in Stroll for Your Soul 2019.

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  1. I walked yesterday in the POURING rain from hospital to parking lot and viceversa and I cant say that I reflected or meditated on the journey. Haha Having said that I would enjoy a walk in the rain if i was dressed for it and if the rain was coming down moderately. Great plan.

  2. Pam, so glad to read your reflection. It helps me to do the same, as not only am I walking for my soul. I am preparing to walk 10k. in the Blue Nose Marathon Charity Challenge for Breaking the Silence, and was getting discouraged. You inspire, as always!!!

  3. Pam, thanks for your Rainy day poem and inspiration.
    Its raining intermittently again today in Prague, but we strolled to and from museums.
    Janice’s message was perfect, as the building architectures are more impressive than some exhibits for me.
    Artwork hundreds of years old decorate their streets!
    Waymarks everywhere in this city of Steeples!
    Blessings, Peter

  4. Thanks Pam for your rainy day words of inspiration.. thankfully today is a sunny day .My mother used to say “you are not sugar nor won’t melt ” when I complained about being out in the rain as a child .

  5. We are so dry here in southern Manitoba I would dance in the rain, never mind stroll! Maybe tomorrow!

  6. A good reminder. Thank you.

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