by Pam Harrison 

Today is going to mark a change of attitude in my way of walking. The weather has kept me from walking three days on this journey, I miss walking so much. I reflected on your words and enjoy the day, but something is missing.

So I am going to “walk in the rain” and figure out how to enjoy the experience.

I get a shower every day – so my shower will be outdoors!
I wash and dry my clothes often, so I know I can look after the concern of wetness.
Can I combine these actions in my mind to the point of “joy”.
From ‘whence ‘comes my attitude on life giving water 💦.

Out the door I go to walk for an hour or approximately 8,000 steps. It is going to be a wet way to mark my walk but I am looking for the joy in this day. I may even walk up and down hills.

Pam Harrison is a participant in Stroll for Your Soul 2019.