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“Neighbours” – By Annika Sangster

Annika’s wee book, Neighbours, arrived. I love holding it in my hands. It feels inviting. It is a delight to absorb the bright pictures. Her re-telling of the story of the Good Samaritan pulls you in. I showed it to a nine-year-old who immediately sat on the... read more

2017 Yearly Subscriptions

Prayer Bench friends, There are two Subscription Packages for 2017. You can compare them in the poster below (click to enlarge). Or click here if you want to see it in full size and you can download and print it. Prayer Bench 2017 Yearly Subscriptions. Click on the... read more

The Shepherds Came

She holds him in the cradle of her arm, a soft, swaddled weight that fits just right. She intones the story. On the night that you were born the sky was a lovely dark and the stars shone brighter than any night I ever saw. On the hill behind the shed we heard the... read more

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