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Bearing Divine Energy

I’m a lover of summer and I am sad when I when the green chlorophyll fades revealing the red, yellows, golds and orange of autumn leaves . Yet I am awed; Autumn offers a colourful energy. As I thought about a theme for a fall Prayer Bench Email retreat the... read more

The Wooden Top

I hold it in my hand, and give it a spin or two. It came into being through a joint effort. My grandmother used the thread that emptied the wooden bobbin. And from it, my grandfather whittled the tiny homemade top. This, I remember. Waiting, while he opened his pocket... read more

Gifts at the Centre

Having made her way to the centre of the labyrinth, she finds gifts awaiting. What about you? Think of time when you were centered and still. What gifts were just for you?... read more

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Janice MacLean, The Prayer Bench

Janice MacLean, The Prayer Bench

Janice MacLean, creator and host of The Prayer Bench, an on-line ministry where you can show up as you are able, bring your whole self, and just be present. About Me. The Prayer Bench offers

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