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Book Review: The Divine Dance

I finished reading The Divine Dance by Richard Rohr with Mike Morrell. (2016) I received it as a ebook and about a thousand times I wished I had it as a “real” book. (I will get a print version.) It is a book for savouring pages already read and... read more

A Solitary Whispered Prayer

Hannah was mother of no-child for years and years. This was pain; pain etched deep. In her culture, infertility was a woman’s fault a sign of God’s disfavour, a source of shame a  slow internal dying of an envisioned future, a well of grief and tears. And every year... read more

An Alternative to Burning the Candle at Both Ends

I’ve had deadlines. And most days I had to do this, and this, and this … And get it done before the day was over. It made for some long days. And I’m guessing you are busy too? The Fall always comes with a fresh round of opportunities,... read more

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