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6 Little Prayers

By Janice MacLean Here are a series of six little prayers. You might want to use one to start your day and inspire your meditation. You might want to use one for a week and see what insights or actions arise. You can download a PDF copy here to print. [su_button...

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Revealing Our Inner Landscape

Revealing Our Inner Landscape

REVEALING OUR INNER LANDSCAPE By Hugh Farquhar Sixteenth after Pentecost: James 3:1-12. The Time with Children can be a time when we ministers really earn our keep. You never know what they’re going to say, and parents hold their breath, praying that some family...

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Open the Circle

Open the Circle

OPEN THE CIRCLE Year B, Fifteenth after Pentecost: James 2:1-10 By Hugh Farquhar When I was responsible for a time with children at Sunday worship, I sometimes taught them a song called “Open the Circle” by Jack Miffleton. (It’s like a no fail fudge recipe; it always...

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So many nuggets, truths, thinking points that really reached me. So much depth in one place.  I admire your richness of spirit and creativity.

C. Bolo, PEI

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