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Blessing for a Website

After many months of conversation and design, a website is launched. The Rev. Dr. Linda Yates wrote this blessing, and offers it as a model for others looking for a website blessing. Blessing of the Lower and Middle Musquodoboit Website (mvuc.ca) One: Gracious One,...

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The Milk House

The Milk House A Reflection by Cathy MacLean The little house on on our property was once a "milk house." A milk house, as the word implies, was a small building used to keep anything that had to do with "milk" such as skim milk, pails, strainers, and a churn. Fresh...

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Book Review: The Story of Our Time

Book Review: The Story of Our Time: From Duality to Interconnectedness to Oneness by Robert Atkinson You should read this book if .... 1. You know very little about the Baha'i Faith. The author writes from within the Baha'i tradition and quotes key writings. I knew...

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