If you are a curious learner wanting to live from the depth of your being,
you’ll find soul knowledge here.

If you want to explore the wisdom of the Christian spiritual tradition
you’ll find it here in fresh and original ways.

If you want to deepen your spirituality in the company of others,
you’ll find respect for a diversity of spiritual expressions here.


The Visit in the Hill Country

Take a few minutes to look at the statue of Mary and Elizabeth. This statue stands in the hill country and outside the Church of the Visitation in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem. Here is a simple process for Lectio Divina (Sacred Reading) to use with the audio recording. Listen... read more

Wood in Stone

It takes a long time for wood to become stone and a slow letting go to become something new. In the press of these Advent days We wait And we listen for invitations that ever so slowly make us a new thing. [Pause and breathe into what is pressing upon you.] Photo... read more

An Oral Reading of Jesus Family Tree

Listen to a gentle and meditative reading of Jesus Family Tree. Now reflect: “And now you are part of that Great Family which has become as many as the as the stars in the sky and the grains of sand in the desert.”   With gratitude to Kathy Carr for... read more

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