[The Book of Job] The Jagged Edge of Suffering

“But where can wisdom be found?
    Where does understanding dwell?” – Job 28:12

Job is Everyone.
So the Rabbi’s say.
Job is everyone who has ever suffered.
Job is everyone who has ever questioned the reason for their pain.
Job is you.
Job is me.
Job is the “Why?” in so many headlines.

The world isn’t always fair.
The wicked aren’t always punished.
The righteous aren’t always rewarded.
Good people suffer.

Job never really receives an answer to his suffering.
He receives no satisfying explanation,
not from his friends,
not even in the Divine speech he seems to have downloaded
in the consciousness opened by his loss and pain.

Yet Job changes. He rises on his feet again.
He begins life anew.
The jagged edges of his suffering are not forgotten
neither are they explained away.
But Job is wiser now
somehow in the whirlwind, in the storm
he found the spaces in between
where Love is,
where Love Always Is.

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  1. In the midst of all that is, there is comfort in knowing that Love always remains . I am grateful for that assurance..

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