Of Trees and Memories

A Prayer Bench Guest Post By Rosemary Ingraham, Arrowwood Alberta   This sunny Sunday afternoon, I’m sitting on my deck, under the canopy of my mountain ash tree, while being serenaded by any number of songbirds. When my husband and I were married, 49 years ago today,...

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Summer Soul 2017

Welcome to Summer Soul 2017 Thank you for registering for Summer Soul. It is a package so full of resources to inspire and nurture your soul in summer that it overflowed. Below are the extras! I hope you enjoy the package and the extras here. Please "Leave a reply"...

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I Remember the Laughter

It was on an Easter Sunday, 1972 I believe and Grant United Church, my home church, the little church by the Lake, saw a rather large confirmation class lined up along the front of the church. There were four of us. We had memorized the shorter catechism — and knew a...

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Such Great Hope is Spring

Guest Post by Linda Atkinson Linda Atkinson lives in Hardwood Lands, Nova Scotia. From her home there, and influenced by her years as a camping enthusiast and recreation professional, she enjoys observing and playing in the natural world. Late last spring, from my...

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Read to Pieces

Here is a story that touched my heart. It's about a Family Bible. You know the one. It was passed down through the ages and every generation added the family births, weddings and deaths. This Family Bible was read to pieces. Literally. The pages were loose, leaves...

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Candlemas Day

When you wake on February 2, you are 40 days from Christmas. You might think it is Groundhog Day, but alongside this celebration of forecasting hope or gloom, it is also Candlemas. Candlemas is very old tradition rooted in the visit of Mary and Joseph to the Temple...

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As often happens, I was looking for something else when I discovered Andy Warhol's visual re-imagining of The Last Supper. His work on this theme were among the last of his visual art career.             Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper...

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2017 Yearly Subscriptions

Prayer Bench friends, There are two Subscription Packages for 2017. You can compare them in the poster below (click to enlarge). Or click here if you want to see it in full size and you can download and print it. Prayer Bench 2017 Yearly Subscriptions. Click on the...

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Jesus Christ the Apple Tree

The day of the first snow was heavy and wet It settled on trees like a heavy cloak. Young Jasmine woke and quickly dressed in her pink snowsuit And kneeling in the snow, she freed the branches of her “baby apple tree” from the weight of snow. Perhaps it was the...

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The Visit in the Hill Country

Take a few minutes to look at the statue of Mary and Elizabeth. This statue stands in the hill country and outside the Church of the Visitation in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem. Here is a simple process for Lectio Divina (Sacred Reading) to use with the audio recording. Listen...

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Wood in Stone

It takes a long time for wood to become stone and a slow letting go to become something new. In the press of these Advent days We wait And we listen for invitations that ever so slowly make us a new thing. [Pause and breathe into what is pressing upon you.] Photo...

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The Prayer Bench

Is your life busy? Longing for a soul pause? Are you seeking the sacred in the ordinary? Perhaps hoping to find soul deepening resources? Do you want to journey in your own time and at your pace yet in company with an internet community? Welcome! Have a look around.

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