Stroll Meditations

By Corina Bolo May 11, 2019  This morning I took my first Stroll of this season and it was along some used-to-be familiar streets. I am staying for a bit with my Mom in my childhood home and this morning's walk took me past the WayMarks of street signs that I knew...

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Deciding to Stroll in the Rain

by Pam Harrison  Today is going to mark a change of attitude in my way of walking. The weather has kept me from walking three days on this journey, I miss walking so much. I reflected on your words and enjoy the day, but something is missing. So I am going to “walk in...

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Welcome to Stroll for Your Soul

Welcome to Stroll for Your Soul  I'm Janice, host of the Prayer Bench, and one of your guide. I'll be Strolling in Riverview, New Brunswick in Canada.  I'm delighted to be partnering on this series with Caroline Bindon from the Whangaparaoa Peninsula in Auckland, New...

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[John] So Loved

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life."  -- John 3:16 Our first hint of incarnation comes in the creation story. God makes all this stuff out of darkness: a fire of stars,...

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Say Hello: Waking Up Email Retreat

Hello all who signed up for the Advent Email Retreat series, Waking Up. Welcome! I trust you received your Welcome Email this morning. I invite you you to "Leave a Reply" below and share you name and where you are from. It helps us have a sense of our community, even...

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“Lost in a Carving”

Duane MacEwen carved the Nativity set that is featured in the Prayer Bench Small Group Study and the Advent Email Retreat. Here is his biography.  I was born and raised on PEI and began carving around 1998. I  have been competing in...

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[Mark] All in a Day

“The disciples gathered around Jesus, and told him all they had done and taught.”  - Mark 6:30 What a day. The disciples return from their mission of teaching and curing the sick. They gather around Jesus ‘telling him all they had done and taught.’ Jesus suggests they...

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[Book Review] Credulous

Book Review: Credulous by Andrea L. Lingle This is an honest book. "Church and I have come to an impasse," writes Andrea Lingle as she describes her wrestling with modern Christianity. "Something is missing,"  she declares, "Things seem hollow." Walking away from...

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The Prayer Bench

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