Spiritual Memoir Worship Series (first service is free)

ONE:  In the beginning there is a Story
TWO: told around campfires in the desert
ONE:  shared around tables when bread was broken.
TWO:  written on pieces of soft leather
ONEthen in pages bound together in a book.
TWO:  (Holding a Bible.) These are our sacred stories.

Open and place Bible near the campfire.

ONE: Our spiritual journey is made of stories.
TWO:  a flickering of the Divine here
ONEa spark of hope there
TWO: a flame of insight
ONEa kindling of faith.
TWO: These are our spiritual memoirs.

Light a candle and place by the Bible.

ONE:  Here in this place,
TWO:  gathered around this light,
ONE:  we are honouring the sacred in our lives.
TWO:  Story is the fire in our midst.

Part of the Spiritual Memoir Project, the Worship Series is hosted on the Prayer Bench website. The project is a partnership between Visions United Church in Moncton, New Brunswick and the Prayer Bench.

This worship series is developed and written by Shawn Redden, minister with Visions United Church and Janice MacLean, Host of the Prayer Bench.

Use the button below to review and download the first service in this series: Worship #1 Honouring the Sacred in Our Lives – Surely God is in This

When and How You Might Use this Service
Each worship service in the series is designed to stand on its own. They may be used in a series or at four different times.

  • Use this worship series to free up time in the life of a worship leader to focus on a special project.
  • Use this series when the worship leader is on holiday. 
  • Use the worship services for a special summer series.
  • Use this series for adult camps, retreats or at retirement homes.
  • Use with the Small Group Study, StoryTellers.

When you order and your payment is confirmed, you receive an email with four WORD files. Download, save, or print.

Worship #1 Honouring the Sacred in Our Lives – Surely God is in This
Worship #2 Listening To Our Lives – Hearts Strangely Warmed
Worship #3 Making Meaning – The Pattern of Our Lives
Worship #4 Living Fully -Treasuring These Things

The Spiritual Memoir Worship Series follows similar themes as the Prayer Bench Small Group Study, StoryTellers. It would work well to run the study and the series at the same time, with the study following worship. But they are not so tied to one another that it is also possible to host the small group study and develop it further through the worship series. You might also introduce the theme of Spiritual Memoir in worship and follow up by offering the Small Group Study.


We are grateful for the generosity of The United Church of Canada through a Seeds of Hope Grant and the Maritime Conference Bequest Fund for their financial support of the Project. It allows us to offer this first Worship Service free of charge and subsidize the price of the package.

Questions? Email Janice

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  1. Thanks Janice, I love your story about seeing the Trilliums. It is so true that often we see without looking. Peace. Gail.

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