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by | May 11, 2018 | Reflections

Welcome Strollers!

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What have you learned today about our amazing world?

I’m living in New Dundee, Ontario for the elementary school year and getting to know two wonderful children during their ordinary days and special events. Their 8 and 10 year old interest in the world reminds me to be more curious.

Last Sunday we went for a day trip to Goderich, and walked the boardwalk. We saw these Canada Geese and noticed their ducklings. I learned that Canada Geese eat grass and are drawn to manicured lawns because it gives them a good view of possible predators. I guess this beach works too. One of these geese gave me a hissing warning when I made one step too close. I respected this (quickly), and pondered about how my need to “take” a picture interfered with their sense of care.  It was a good reminder about “receiving” pictures rather than always “taking” them.

What have you learned today about our amazing world? If you wish, please “Leave a Reply” below and let us know.

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Here are some photos I was sent ….

Krista Patriquin: My stroll, everywhere I went today, the forsythia caught my attention. I wanted to know some general info about it, so did some research into the best way to keep it growing, and found it should be trimmed back right after the blooms are done.


Pam Harrison is strolling with a group in the Waterfowl Park in Sackville, NB. She writes: The sounds of the small birds are beautiful joyful sounds however the honking of a Canada goose always reminds me of intelligence ! Were birds the inventors of GPS. ???? haha.


A meditation from one our Strollers from the Presbyterian Church of Chestertown, USA
New sprouts, growing under the shadow of leaves.
From Pam: Listening to your wisdom made me think of the shadows of the bridge reflecting on the water and so this is the gift of double shadows.

Click on  #prayerbenchstroll to see more photographs. Caroline Bindon from Kereru Publishing in New Zealand has been posting most days.

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  1. Today was one of our church’s Feed My Sheep free breakfasts. As I strolled around the room greeting what have become ‘old friends’ over the past few years, I appreciate how cheerful these people are each time they come, as some of them have numerous trials & health problems, but are always grateful for the food & companionship. I leave filled with their good wishes & look forward to the next time we follow Gods word to Feed My Sheep.

  2. Today I was invited to meet with a small group of people who were celebrating
    their Mom and grandmother. That was a good thing and I was blessed to share
    in the conversation, laughter and love evident there. On the way to the bus stop
    I walked by the grove behind my church, Westminster United in Mississauga, I noticed
    the new growth of the new trees. There is also a paved walk there and the new addition of
    a bench beneath one of the trees. The whole picture spoke of peacefulness.
    The beauty that the Creator gives us in nature provides us with a place to “come and
    find our quiet centre”! Thank you God.

  3. I strolled this evening for my Stroll for the Soul after a quiet and restful Mother’s Day. (I’m in New Zealand so my strolling is a day out of sync by the calendar to Canada). The theme of today, ‘Making Friends with Something New’ totally encapsulates my world currently. In February my adult daughter was diagnosed with a neurological condition called Sensory Processing Disorder. This follows a very traumatic, difficult few months for her and for our family supporting her fulltime. Since February, I’ve been consuming vast amounts of new information and knowledge. I’ve read so many books, research articles, listened to lectures, podcasts, talked to experts… all to help her. It’s been a crazy time of information absorption and making friends with my new knowledge. Today for Mother’s Day she managed to make afternoon tea for me. It was beautiful. All the more, because she has not been able to do this for a long time. We talked today about transitions and how challenging it is for her with her SPD to cope with changes and transitions. Now we have all this new knowledge, it somehow makes things a little better for her, just knowing more about why she reacts in certain ways when confronted by something new. Now she doesn’t need to feel guilty, and instead can acknowledge it’s her body’s sensory response. I left the house for my walk, warmed by our conversation, by her progress, by the afternoon tea, by the impact and comfort of my new knowledge, by the glow in the evening sky and by the assurance of being surrounded by the Presence of the Divine.

  4. Thank you for sharing this piece of your story. What a journey you are on with your daughter. Soul knowledge. Blessings to you.

  5. During our walk this evening I looked down and saw a small plant reaching up through a crack in the concrete sidewalk toward the sun, toward the day, and toward my view. And that small greening promised that hope and possibility will always show up, even in the most unlikely places.

  6. We walked alongside one another
    Two, happy to simply be two but welcoming the companionship of nature

    Two. who left home with a mission to seek the Sacred in the ordinary
    But two who in the warmth of holding hands and the sharing of their days… forgot their allied mission


    Just beyond the reaches of shadows made from overhanging branches
    They witnessed a “breathing and greening” of the Sacred
    Hoping up through concrete

    And suddenly the two remembered and paused…and gave thanks for the Sacred and gave thanks for the strength that is found in Hope and Possibility. ~ Catherine Dickson

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