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What have you learned today about our amazing world?

I’m living in New Dundee, Ontario for the elementary school year and getting to know two wonderful children during their ordinary days and special events. Their 8 and 10 year old interest in the world reminds me to be more curious.

Last Sunday we went for a day trip to Goderich, and walked the boardwalk. We saw these Canada Geese and noticed their ducklings. I learned that Canada Geese eat grass and are drawn to manicured lawns because it gives them a good view of possible predators. I guess this beach works too. One of these geese gave me a hissing warning when I made one step too close. I respected this (quickly), and pondered about how my need to “take” a picture interfered with their sense of care.  It was a good reminder about “receiving” pictures rather than always “taking” them.

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Here are some photos I was sent ….

Krista Patriquin: My stroll, everywhere I went today, the forsythia caught my attention. I wanted to know some general info about it, so did some research into the best way to keep it growing, and found it should be trimmed back right after the blooms are done.


Pam Harrison is strolling with a group in the Waterfowl Park in Sackville, NB. She writes: The sounds of the small birds are beautiful joyful sounds however the honking of a Canada goose always reminds me of intelligence ! Were birds the inventors of GPS. 😂 haha.


A meditation from one our Strollers from the Presbyterian Church of Chestertown, USA
New sprouts, growing under the shadow of leaves.
From Pam: Listening to your wisdom made me think of the shadows of the bridge reflecting on the water and so this is the gift of double shadows.

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