StoryTellers Small Group Study Resource

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This four week Small Group Study explores spiritual memoir by inviting participants to share stories found in their quilts and diaries, letters and precious possessions. See full description below.


If you moved around a lot, or made a decision to downsize, you likely have a few special things that can’t be let go or need to be passed on.These precious things are your containers for spiritual memoir.

Perhaps you have a recipe and every time you make it you recall where first you enjoyed it, or associate it with the baker. Perhaps you have a letter or diary in cursive handwriting that is a short story of someone you never met yet their words are give meaning to your life. 

Perhaps you have a memento from childhood that shines with the energy of memory as you hold it in your hands. Maybe you have a quilt that tells a story. Is there a story in you about a significant place or happening in your life where the values of a lifetime were shaped in that moment.

Part of the Spiritual Memoir Project, this engaging Small Group Study invites participants to listen to a teaching on spiritual memoir and then show and share the story of whatever article they chose to bring. Together, we reflect on the sacred in our life.

There are four themes to explore:

  1. Introduction: Honouring the Sacred in Our Lives
  2. Family Recipes, Old Photos & Antiques: Listen to Your Life
  3. Quilts & Other Precious Possessions: Making Meaning
  4. Diaries, Letters & Commonplace Books: Living Fully
 What You Receive in this Small Group Study 
  • Leader’s Guide (includes the process for each session with a suggestions for a Gathering, Opening, Check-in, guide for storytelling and response, and a closing spiritual practice.)
  • Four easily downloadable Audio Recordings with a teaching for each session.
  • Four Scripts of the Audio Recordings to download and photocopy
  • Participant Handout Sheet to download and photocopy.
  • Downloadable image for the series for use in posters or social media
 How Do Prayer Bench Small Group Studies Work? 

When you register and pay, you receive an email with information to access to a private webpage. You will find the Leader’s Guide and all the resources you need. More questions? Visit: Frequently Asked Questions about Small Group Studies.

You might also be interested the Spiritual Memoir Worship Series. It offers everything you need to lead four worship services and explore the spiritual memoir themes from another perspective. The first worship service is free. You can download  it here: Worship Series.


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