Frequently Asked Questions about Small Group Studies

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1.  Our church doesn’t have an internet connection. How will this work?
The Audio Recording is easily downloadable. You can download (directions on the Study webpage) and save it to a laptop or computer. Once downloaded and saved you don’t need internet to play it. You might need laptop speakers.  

2. When I order where are my resources?
When you order you receive in the “completion of order” email, a link and a password to a private webpage on my website. Here you will find general resources, the LEADER PAGE, a PARTICIPANT PAGE, a AUDIO SCRIPT, and the downloadable AUDIO RECORDING. You can return to this webpage whenever you wish.

3.  Can we share the weblink and password to the Small Group  Webpage with participants?
Yes. When you purchase a Small Group Study  you can share the weblink and password to the Wisdom webpage with other leaders (you can have more than one group on your pastoral charge/parish) and participants. This is helpful when someone misses a session.

3b. Does everyone in the group need to order the Small Group Study? 
No. The leader orders the study and participant resources are downloaded and printed as needed. 

4. We might meet once a month instead of weekly, how long do we have access to the webpage?
You have access to the page for at least one year, and often much longer.

5. Can we use the material in Worship instead of a Study Group?
Yes, I know leaders who use the Small Groups as a focus for worship. You are free to use the material as you wish – within your pastoral charge or group.

6. We don’t have a credit card. Are there other ways to pay?
There are four ways to pay.

  • You can pay online using your own credit card through my Paypal account.
  • You can pay online with a Paypal account if you have one.
  • You can pay by cheque and send by mail. Make cheques payable to Janice MacLean.
  • You can make an Electronic Bank Transfer.

7. I always seem to get mixed up ordering online….
My shop is fairly straightforward but you can always email me with your name, address, phone number and email address where you want to receive the weblink and password and I will order for you. You will receive the order confirmation email and then the second email (when payment is confirmed) with the weblink and password. You will then happily send me a cheque! (payable to Janice MacLean). 

8. Once I order how long does it take to get the second email with the weblink and password to the Study Webpage?
If you pay by credit card Pay Pal you receive the second email immediately.  If you elect to pay by cheque, or bank transfer  I reserve the right to confirm once I receive the money. I often confirm within 24 hours. If you don’t receive it by the time you need it, just email me and I’ll send access information.

9. I’ve lost the email with the weblink and password.
It happens. Just email me. I’m happy to help if you are having any issues with downloading, etc.

Any other questions? Let me know so I can make this information as complete as possible.

“I just wanted to tell you that those participating are getting a lot out of it,
and as a leader I have never done less planning – everything is there.”

“My group likes knowing that they are connected in the study to many other groups doing the same study within the Maritimes and beyond. Your studies are different than my traditional line by line look through a book of Scripture at a time. It gives my pastoral charge some variety in the style of Bible Study.”

“We had a member who at times prefered to remain at home due to previous illness issues,
so she was very grateful that she could access the weekly sessions on her own computer.”

“Such ease of preparation because of the clear layout/design.
You had it all there and easily accessible.”

“I loved the intimacy created by a group coming together with an intention.”

For longer descriptions of Small Group Studies, please visit the PRAYER BENCH SHOP.

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  1. Dear Janice,

    I am not sure what I did wrong, but I cannot gain entrance to the Autumn Ramble now that it is over. I thought I would have access for a few weeks, but I must have waited too long. I was planning on leading my group through it the first two weeks of November.

    I thought I had the correct Subscriber login and golden23 for the Ramble. But nothing happens. I do hope that it is not too late for me.

    Also, I do not know when to paid my membership fee for 2024. Thanks for your help.

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