40 Gestures Supporting Mindfulness & Presence

by | Jan 18, 2016 | Ordinary, Reflections

Getting ready for the Mystery of Easter.
A slow showing of God in the ordinary.
40 days of noticing life shining in the mystery of everyday.
Calling us to gratitude, mindfulness, intention.
Pausing to becoming awake, aware, receptive and responsive.

Download your Lent Calendar and join an online community in practicing 40 Gestures Supporting Mindfulness and Presence. Each day offers a simple gesture calling us to be present to the Holy beyond us, within us, and among us.

Follow along on the Prayer Bench Facebook Page where I will post resources, quotes or pictures and where you can share your noticings, your prayers, and your poems or pictures.

DOWNLOAD: Lent calendar 2016

See Part 2: Living Here and Now – Using Simple Gestures to Open Our Heart by Marilyn Burrell.

(Permission is given to make copies for congregations or groups. I’d love to learn where it is being used if you want to leave a comment below. We can hold one another in the Lent journey. – Janice)


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  1. Sounds fascinating and right up my alley but nothing happened when I clicked on Download 40 Gestures Lent Calendar. I’ll try again later.

  2. Thanks! Got it downloaded.

  3. Thank you Janice for your generous gift. I am sharing with folks and hope to have it be part of my Lenten living.

  4. Hi, Janice. I will be using this calendar, and plan to share it with the Sheffield Pastoral Charge on Sunday. Thank you!

  5. Thanks Janice – I will make them available to the Chipman Gaspereau Forks Pastoral Charge as a very accessible Lenten practice.

  6. Thanks Janice. I will be sharing it with the Two Rivers Pastoral Charge, Saint John Presbytery, NB

  7. Love this Janice. Looking forward to sharing it with folks at South Shore as part of my sermon tomorrow and an invitation to engage this Lenten journey with intention and attention!

  8. How do I download this?????

  9. You can double click in the post where it says DOWNLOAD: Lent Calendar 2016. Click on the words “Lent Calendar 2016” It will open and you can then save to your computer and print. Actually I will send it to you by email. Janice

  10. thanks Janice. Will offer it up in our bulletin this week at St. John’s.

  11. I am adding this to my Lenten reflections and handing it out at our Ash Wednesday service (if it will just QUIT SNOWING!!!) With gratitude, Suellen Skinner in Zanesville Ohio.

  12. So glad to have this Lent Calendar. I have a young companion on my Lenten journey. Fiona is mentoring me in keeping this practice. Today we emailed one another about noticing the colour purple. And so we go step by step. It is fun and keeps me faithful.

  13. Lent blessings to you and your congregation.

  14. The Mindfulness and Presence Lent Calendar sent out this morning in a communication to the UCWS of Chignecto. Look forward to some feedback from some of our women, and thank you Janice for this gift.

  15. Thank you for sharing! Janice.

  16. Let me add my appreciation for the slightly different take on a Lenten calendar. No more collecting dimes to fill up the Lenten card for missions, etc. I handed out copies on purple paper to our little ‘Trinity’ study group of 5 yesterday. We actually met on Family Day, a stat holiday here in Ontario. I/we are enjoying your creative efforts to keep us connected to our everyday spirituality.

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