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This section will grow! It is my intention to post reflections regularly.

Some will be brief audio reflections giving snippets of thoughts; I call them ponderings.  You’ll meet my friends too, I hope. I have thoughtful, creative and wise friends who have much to share. Some audio reflections will be music. They invite you into a sabbath pause to listen and enjoy.

DSC_5052Some reflections are based on Lectionary readings or other scriptures. Scripture is a deep well of metaphor. I love crawling inside a text to see what it wants to show me.

Photography is another practice nurturing the eye of my heart and offering rich metaphors. Check out the Photos for Eye and Soul. Just drop by and rest a moment with one and see what the image or words evoke.

Visual Intercessions are video prayers I make with images.

Finally, there are Ordinary reflections. I love ordinary. Ordinary is not just the category that holds reflections that are not the specifics of the other categories. Ordinary is the bright, shimmering abundance of reflections that are joy of the commonplace and the invitation of the everyday.

You can find all the reflection on the Reflections page. Or search specifically by the categories in the sidebar or use the word cloud.

The comments section is always open. Please share your reflections!

Check out the Prayer Bench on Facebook too. Look for the virtual book club, throw way back words on Thursday, and the one-minute sabbath pause.

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  1. Looks fine to me, but I’m not much of a judge, but was able to navigate the site without much trouble, and I can get into trouble in these sites without even trying!!!!!! I especially like the pictures, yours most certainly and then Your father’s first prayer bench.

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