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About Me

WAYMARKS (ˈweɪˌmɑːk ) Definitions:noun  – a symbol or signpost marking the route of a journey

Greetings! I’m Janice, creator and host of the Prayer Bench.

All my life I’ve been a curious learner.DSC_0174
I believe we are born with a Divine Spark deep within and life’s a journey of deep calling to deep.

If you are a curious learner wanting to live from the depth of your being, you’ll find soul knowledge here.

I am immensely grateful for formation received through my upbringing in a small, rural church at Lake Ainslie, Nova Scotia and years of ministry with The United Church of Canada. I love the wisdom of the ancient way and the spirituality of the present moment.

If you want to explore the wisdom of the Christian spiritual tradition you’ll find it here in fresh and original ways.

So much broadening and deepening comes when we journey with others. I treasure my volunteer experience with the Iona Community, an ecumenical Christian community in Scotland, and with the Roman Catholic Sisters of Notre Dame De Sion in Israel. It was during these years that the seed of longing to create a community gathered in learning, prayer and spiritual practice was planted.

If you want to deepen your spirituality in the company of others,
you’ll find respect for a diversity of spiritual expressions here.

I welcome you. Here you can arrive as you are and we journey together. Keep afire your Divine Spark! Please check out what’s here for your Soul Deepening.


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