Remembering Play

by | Nov 3, 2014 | Ordinary, Reflections

childhood play

Me (centre), with Karen & Edward

When I was little ….

I read books.  I got lost in a world between the pages.

I loved making a notebook and borrowing the stub of a pencil from Papa’s pocket and jumping on my bike and issuing tickets.  I was the Police Chief. Yes ….

We played outdoors.  Making things: elaborate snow tunnels and houses in the “little woods.”  We made tents all summer.

It was making that was fun.

And then there was the graveyard. I found a dead caterpillar and mom gave us a Eddy matchbox, the perfect coffin. We dug the hole and made the cross and marked the place. It was fun.

I killed another one so we could do it again.

On the third body mom caught on to the extraordinary need for coffins.  It is perhaps fortunate I turned to ministry not murder for a life path.

So I wonder, what play absorbed you as a child?

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