It wasn’t hard to find a puddle.  There were little ones in the driveway.  Hop. Hop. Hop went Grace, my young play mentor.  I made a delicate  bounce.  I’m not sure my feet left the ground.

At the end of the street there is a VERY BIG puddle.  Grace gets ready, arms tucked into her side, elbows bent at an angle and she leaps. It is a very deep puddle.  She hops to the centre.

The rain comes down and the puddle-water splashes up.  It is  fun to watch her.

Then, from the heart of the puddle, she summons.  “Come with me, Janice.” I get ready too.  Arms tucked, elbows bent and I leap.  It was a glorious splash.   “Like this, Janice.” Hop. Hop. Hop.

HOP. HOP. HOP.  My feet finally leave the ground.

We don’t walk any further.  I learn when you find a truly great puddle offering all you really need you stay in it.

Think about it. What is life offering you right now that needs savouring?

PS… You can also talk to the puddle-fish.  Grace saw one.