Waltz Right In

by | Oct 14, 2014 | Ordinary, Reflections

Take a moment and enjoy music played by Karen Beaton (my sister) and Joey Beaton on piano. The piece is called “Waltz Right In” and was composed by my father, DJ MacLean.



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  1. Thanks Janice! Very heart warming! Took me back to Cape Breton and the music and community we enjoyed when we were there.

  2. I just listened again! What an enriching piece of music. What a creative family!

  3. What a wonderful melody. Beautiful. I tell you, the music bug must be in the water in Cape Breton! Such talent.

  4. Lovely way to ease into my morning Janice – waltzing right in to God’s delight.

  5. Beautiful… Brought me to LA, sitting in the Dinning/Music room with your family.

  6. makes me lonesome

  7. Just lovely. Listening to it as I recline in the sunroom of our Cape Breton home.

  8. You are truly blessed to be part of such a talented family of musicians! Simply lovely!

  9. it is beautiful–I have heard Karen and Joey play often but had no idea your Dad was a composer! Awesome DJ! you have been hiding your talent? or am I just late in learning of your work?

  10. Well, he doesn’t have a large repertoire. But this is a great tune!

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