Psalm 15: The Dwelling Place

Who may come to your tabernacle? Your mountain strong.”

Tabernacle is the portable dwelling place of God.

I abide in God and God abides in me. Am I a tabernacle?

A holding place, a waiting place, a sacred place.
Space. Is tabernacle space?
Where God dwells. Enclosed in tabernacle.

I’m curious. Where else have I heard this word?

Make three tabernacles. Mount of transfiguration. Tents. Not permanent places of dwelling.

Is the heart a tabernacle? Is the soul a tabernacle?
Is it furniture?
Metaphor for presence?
What would a soul-tabernacle look like?

Why is it high? On a Mountain strong
Is it Jerusalem, high and lifted up.
Did it move?

Today I was called to a high place by the sound of birds to witness the sight of hundreds of sea birds feeding as the tide came in. They ate. They flew as one. Today this is the dwelling place of God.

Is there a place calling you to witness the dwelling place of God?

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