I’m noticing how often the disciples are ‘getting to know Jesus in an new way’
and it is often in liminal space.

At dawn,
the woman come to the tomb.
(Perhaps Mary Magdalene never left but that’s another story.)
They depart with a new song in their heart.

At dusk,
a bracket, opened in the Upper Room,
closes at supper
when the Emmaus companions recognize Jesus in a breaking of bread.

At dusk,
Jesus wafts like a fresh breeze through a locked door
bringing Pentecostal breath to the huddled group.
And they are carried out
to carry on.

At dawn,
another bracket is closed.
Around a charcoal fire after a night of fishing resurrection comes to Peter,
restorying him from the experience of the other charcoal fire he sat around
denying Jesus three times.

Dawn and dusk.
In between times.

The beginning of resurrection looks a lot like death, confusion, fear and discouragement.
… Think about this…

And then dawn breaks open into day
or dusk folds into a gentle night
and we know.
We know resurrection.