These are the thin days
of Hallow’s Eve, All Saints and Souls
when we offer thanks for those who linger with us
and the souls who come to find us.

Here among us
are the saints-in-making
the challenging one, close by or far away
the incredibly rude one
the smoker all too near
the creepy one with too smooth tongue
the tedious religious one
the facebook friend you wished you never hatched
the annoying one with certain aim
the one who pushes all your buttons.

Yes. Him. Her. Them. Those. The Others.
All souls they are.
Oh November 1, what a day you are
you demand us notice
not just the lovely ones,
not just the saintly-defined-by-us ones,
but all the souls-in-making
even unbearable saints.

We can do other but stand firmly in the day
and wonder (really) how the Light is being shaped
deep within their heart
while being kind in ours.

See also: Who Lingers Close to You (2016) and Shall We Gather at the River