I wrote about “The Old Man”, an ancient herb in a previous post.
“The Old Man” – Part 1

"the old man" 1

“The Old Man” reclaiming place.

I imagined my great-grandmother snipping pieces of this ferny herb
growing around the foundations of the farm house.

The second story my mother brought along with a cutting of the plant
(Artemisia Abrotanum)
has roots way back in the Highlands of Scotland,
perhaps the days of my MacLean-Campbell forebearers.

It is said “The Old Man” grew outside the doors of the Kirk (church)
and women would snip the pleasantly aromatic leaves on their way in
as defence against the less-than-fragrant odor of the old men worshippers.

It’s a lovely story of being-with in community!

[Kerry, a reader of the first post noted the keen scent prevented feelings of drowsiness
thus aiding congregants to stay awake during long sermons.
I guess this is another form of the practice of paying attention!]