Photo by: Susan Sorensen

fermata for the inner life

By Susan Sorensen, from her book OPENING LINES.





pause to consider
think deep
beyond the obvious

pause for courage
breath deep
enter the darkness

pause to wonder
sigh deep
dance into beauty

pause for transformation
surrender deep
welcome the mystery

pause to love
stretch deep
loosen the heartstrings

pause for truth
listen deep
open to silence.  Used with permission.

Susan439I am excited to be launching a collection of my poetry and images called “Opening Lines”.  Most of these poems were written during the time I was involved in the Prairie Jubilee Program – a program of soul development, spiritual formation and the art of spiritual direction. They are reflective of my journey of honest struggle and joyful connection with self, spirit and nature. Photographs of the natural world accompany and provide resting spaces within the words.

“Opening Lines” may be purchased from me for $20. Please add $5. for postage if you would like me to mail it to you.

It is also available for order online. Opening Lines  .

Please contact me if you are interested in placing an order or for more information. Susan’s Email