Starlight Stories for Advent 2019

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Reflections

Starlight Stories & Email Retreats

You’ll meet John’s childhood friend, Mary’s mother Anna, Joseph who is ready to flee, a shepherd who holds her post, and even a story from the Star herself.

The stories are wonderful. Each one brings richness and depth to the human spiritual journey in the season of Advent.

Enjoy reading the stories then reflect on them with questions, prayer and art prompts and an Advent spiritual practice.

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Ways to Use Your Retreat Series 
  • Set aside a time once a week for your retreat, or work on one question every day.
  • Use some of the retreat suggestions in addition to your regular daily practice.
  • Use in your Advent worship. All contributors give permission to use their story freely.
  • Use ideas from the Advent series for meetings, retreats or wellness gatherings.

“I knew John when we were Children…
I am an old woman now… and I lived to see Jesus
… always coming,
always calling us deeper into the realm of God,
a way opening by the mystery of fire and spirit.” 

Catherine MacDonald

"Are You Ready?"

“I’m still thinking about this in the middle of the night. The nights are the worst time. Anyway, I must have dozed off …”

Andrew Gamman

"Hey, Joe, Where You Gonna Go?"

“I come to you tonight in joy — my first grandchild has been born! A boy. They’ve called him Jesus. Being a grandmother has … how can I tell you … it has completely turned my world inside out.” 

Bev Brazier

"The Other Side of the Starlight."

“My name is Rachel Zipporah. With a name like this how could I not be the one my family chose to look after the sheep when I was nine years old… We had a good-sized flock of droopy-eared sheep. I loved them all.”

Janice MacLean

"Rachel Shivered."

“It’s a big role I’m to play. Not quite the biggest act of the story that is to unfold, but certainly one of the more visually spectacular… What if I can’t do it? What if I forget my cue, what if I get stage fright and stop in the wrong place?”

Caroline Bindon

"Starstruck with Stage Fright"

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