Starlight Stories: Advent Email Retreat Series


Five Starlight Stories delivered to your inbox on Saturdays in Advent. Retreat at your own time. Full description below.

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Starlight Stories & Email Advent Retreat Series 

Everyone loves a story. Starlight Stories bring us five stories to help us get ready for Christmas. You’ll meet John’s childhood friend, Mary’s mother Anna, Joseph who is ready to flee, a shepherd who holds her post, and even a story from the Star herself.

The stories are wonderful – sometimes gently humorous, other times profoundly evocative, and always deeply authentic. Each one brings richness and depth to the human spiritual journey and the story of Incarnation. Enjoy reading the stories then reflect on it with questions, prayer prompts and an Advent spiritual practice.

Will you tell me a story? Four Prayer Bench friends responded to my invitation an offer a story for our enjoyment and reflection this Advent.

“Are You Ready?” by Catherine MacDonald.
“The Other Side of Starlight” by Bev Brazier
“Hey Joe, Where You Gonna Go?” by Andrew Gamman
“Rachel Shivered” by Janice MacLean
“Starstruck with Stagefright” by Caroline Bindon

Here’s What You Receive:
  1. Your retreat series arrives by email. Each retreat follows a pattern of Making Space, Reading a story, Reflecting with questions and prayer art, Responding by asking what meaning it has for you in the midst of this Advent, and a guide for Resting in the silent Presence of the Divine and Naming how you might live out the invitation in the story.
  2. You receive a Welcome Email on Wednesday November 27 with your first story. This emails helps you get ready and you read the first story.
  3. Your receive four Email Retreats on the following four Saturdays.
  4. Too busy to keep up? Within your retreat is a button where you can download, save and print your retreat for a quiet time.
Ways to Use Your Retreat Series 
  1. Some people set aside a time to retreat once a week for an hour or more reflection, others use some of the retreat each day for the week.
  2. Some people use some of the retreat suggestions in addition to their regular daily practice.
  3. Some worship leaders shape worship for Advent around the themes of the retreat. All contributors give permission to use their story freely.
  4. Some group leaders use ideas from the series for worship, meetings, retreats or wellness gatherings.
You can share this retreat with a friend by “gifting this product” when you order. 
Please note: If you have a 2019 Prayer Bench Yearly Subscription, you will receive this retreat. You do not need to order it.  


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