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Take me straight to the Prayer Bench Shop so I can see some Email Retreats!

How E-Retreats Work

  • You receive your retreat by email. A high speed connection may be useful for some features but not required. If you have very basic computer skills and are able to receive email you have sufficient computer skills for receiving this retreat!
  • You are part of a wider community but you retreat when you are able.
  • Email retreats are flexible. Some folk use the material to retreat once a week; others carve out time each day or integrate the materials with their established practices.
  • The retreats follow a theme and offer reflections, photographs, questions, and suggested spiritual practices.
  • A Welcome Email is sent the Wednesday before your Retreat begins. It will give you all the “housekeeping” details you need to make the most of your retreat and offer suggestions for getting ready.
  • Retreats are delivered by email early Saturday morning for three, four or six weeks.
  • You can read your retreat online or print it to take away from your computer.
  • Guests sometimes join the retreat through podcasts, written word, or Youtube videos.

Registration and Payment

You can register for the E-Retreats in the PRAYER BENCH SHOP. There are four ways to pay.

  • You can pay online using your own credit card through my Paypal account.
  • You can pay online with a Paypal account if you have one.
  • You can pay by cheque and send by mail.
  • You can make an Bank Transfer.
As an extrovert who can always find one more reason to email, talk on the phone or go and visit in person, these retreats took me to a different place, the first thing they did was cause me to pause–to stop all movement. A very good thing.”


Would you like to see a sample of an Email Retreat?
Here is Week 1 of the Lent 2019 series.


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