Spilling and Splashing

“What now?”
Into the disorder of the week
he pours water in a  basin
and wraps a towel around.

I like to imagine he got the idea from Mary Magdalene.
It was her gift to anoint his feet,
her tears pouring love,
her hair a towel of tender care.
Great love.

“What now?”

“When Jesus came to Simon Peter, Peter said. ‘Rabbi, you’re not going to wash my feet, are you?” John 13:6

They didn’t understand the
splashing water
of the moment,
but they will remember.

They will remember
not just water
but Love bending low
Love serving love
Great love splashing around their feet.

“You should wash each other’s feet.”

How might we spill Love today?


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  1. My grandniece who is seven said to me, “We only had Advent when Jesus was born in December, this is March, so he would only be 4 months old when he died on the cross.” Good at math, but the teacher had some explaining to do!

  2. profound love …I think of the attack in Brussels this week. How the people in that airport will think of those they love after this hardship. Holy week will have more meaning for them forever. Christ is so Right …we all need to wash each other’s feet to obtain love and peace. It is all that is important …

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