Today is Easter Monday
for some a holiday,
a tradition brought by European immigrants.

In the Eastern Orthodox church
It is Bright Monday
and the liturgy includes an outdoor parade.

In some central European days
it is Splash Monday,
I like this.
People toss around water and
children play water games.
Water to recall cleansing,
Water for purification.

In the Netherlands,
I’m told
people eat a festive breakfast
and go hiking in the countryside
enjoying spring’s renewal.

In Guyana
people fly kites
they made on Easter Saturday.
Kites rise.

On the lawn of the White House
a traditional egg roll contest
an American tradition since 1878.

It is Easter Monday
linked to spring festivals
or recalling a joyous Easter story.

Let’s give this Easter Monday
a moment of mindfulness,
a splash of water,
a bright and thankful prayer.
Let’s go outside and look for signs of Earth’s renewal
or even eat with joy another Easter egg.
Let’s make a celebration.
It’s Easter Monday.