Soul Songs: Psalm 121

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Pause, Reflections

Psalm 121
Present to Life as it is. 

“I walk into your wakefulness…
And in the shadows …
you preserve me from its evils.”  – Psalm 121
Read Psalm 121 
  • What parts of this Psalm speak to you? Inspire, resonate or call to you?
  • What feelings, longings, hopes are evoked in you as you pray this Psalm?
  • Picture a mountain or hill close to where you live. Or perhaps it is a place you visited. What does this mountain or hill reveal to you about the nature of the Divine?
  • This Psalm is one of the “Psalms of Ascent.” There are 15 of them. (Psalms 120-134) Some people believe the phrase denotes a musical notation, as in “Sing high!” Others believe they were Psalms sung by pilgrims visiting the Temple for the yearly festivals. They are pilgrim prayers. Psalm 121 affirms the Divine (“Keeper”) as a life-long companion and guide. How do you lean into the Source that supports and accompanies you on your journey?
  • This Psalm has many metaphors reflecting a landscape of the soul. There are mountains and valleys, dark nights and new dawns. There are pathways and valleys, shades and shadows. Read Psalm 121 again and be aware of the metaphors of the spiritual journey. Where do you find yourself in the Psalm? Where are you on the journey?
  • Who in your life or world needs this Psalm? Pray it again on their behalf.

Prayer for Entering into the Week

Grounding One,
Feet rooted.
Heart readied.
Breath deepened.
Eyes softened.
Mind gentled.
Present to Life as it is.
Coming in. Going out.
Grounding One. (Janice MacLean)

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