Running toward Bethlehem

The shepherds went “with haste” to Bethlehem.
“They left, running” says The Message translation.

I like this image.
Men, boys, running toward Bethlehem
through the field,
running, in the deep dark of night.
They wanted to see for themselves the wonder announced in the sky.

Running toward Bethlehem with hearts full of wonder,
with hearts full of perplexity
with hearts full of hope
with hearts full
with wonder beyond words.

And then, wonder of it all, they told everybody.
Still running,
running on at the mouth, with the wonder of it all.
“All were amazed at what the shepherds told them.”

And here we are,
running up to yet another Advent season.
Here we are ….
full of our own perplexity,
full of hopes,
full of gratitude,
full of fear
full of desire

Wonder is the only container
that holds it all,
all of what we bring
in our own running up to Christmas.

We are made for Wonder.

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  1. Thanks Janice for these 3 Advent reflections. I particularly appreciate ‘running up to another Advent season’ , full of so much!

  2. Thank you so much for this meaningful gift!

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