Breathing into Advent

I trust in the long arc of Goodness. Right now, we are somewhere “betwixt and between.” Some familiar things must end so new things can begin. Some things break down so something better things can emerge. This is a hard truth to live through.

It not just now. George Fox encouraged 17th century Quakers to stay deeply connected to God in prayer, assuring them they would find the support needed to withstand the travesties, corruption, and drama of the human world.

“Hold fast the hope, which anchors the soul, which is sure and steadfast,
that you may float above the world’s sea.”

“Hold fast the hope.” Hope matters now more than ever.

Where we are is a hard place to be. It’s hard for the world, the province, for communities of faith. It’s upsetting and disquieting, body and soul.

As it was for young Mary.  And like her, we are called to bear the holy into this hurting world of ours.

Like her, we can stand in this troubled time and say “yes” to God,
allowing ourselves to breath-in the pain of the world and breath-out hope.

Breath in sadness and breath out peace.
Breath in annoyance and breath out gentleness.
Breath in impatience and breath out self-control.
Breath in anger and breath out patience.
Breath in melancholy and breath out joy.
Breath in judgement and breath out kindness.
Breath in the hard parts of living in a pandemic
— and breath out the fruit of the Spirit.

Let’s just sit for a bit and breath our way into Advent. You might want to begin by listening to the chant by Paulette Meier: Hope Fast the Hope.


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