Here is a story that touched my heart.

It’s about a Family Bible.
You know the one.
It was passed down through the ages
and every generation added the family
births, weddings and deaths.

This Family Bible was read to pieces.
The pages were loose,
leaves flying free from the binding.

The Bible was placed
for safe keeping
in a bag.

Now here’s the part that touches my heart,
Minnie Wilson
would reach into the bag
and pull out a page.
And read it,
and read it,
and read it some more
until she learned by heart
the words on the page.

Then she would return the page
to the Bible in the bag,
and choose another page.

Sacred Reading
of scripture
absorbed a page at a time.

With thanks to Adrienne MacKay for sharing this story about her grandmother, Minnie Wilson,
and giving me permission to share it. 

What’s in your family Bible? Do you have a story to share?