LEADER Subscription Package 2018


The LEADER Subscription package ($99) includes the Personal Email Retreat series for Lent, Autumn and Advent 2018, two Small Group Studies, and two editions of Festival and Sabbath. DISCOUNT FOR STUDENTS/LEARNING SITES. See complete description below.




  • Lent Personal Retreat ($29)
  • Autumn Personal Retreat ($29)
  • Advent Personal Retreat ($29)
  • Small Group Study – “The Mystery of  Our Stories” ($29)
  • Advent Small Group Study – “Living Nativity” ($29)
  • Festival and Sabbath: A Collection of Prayers, Centering Meditations & Reflections Spring Edition ($15)
  • Festival and Sabbath: A Collection of Prayers, Centering Meditations & Reflections Fall Edition ($15)

Here is a more information on the retreats and resources included in this package. 

Personal Email Retreat Series*
1. Lent 2018 – Open Mind, Open Heart, Open Will – Six weeks of reflections and spiritual practices to ground us in Mystery, deepen our listening and clarify our intentions.

2. Autumn 2018 – The Practice of Gratitude – The autumn lectionary readings (RCL) provide abundant metaphors for deepening our thankfulness. (3 weeks)

3. Advent 2018 – Awakening. Thomas, an early Christian sacred text, connects us with Wisdom Jesus and Wisdom as a living tradition. (4 weeks)

Small Group Study – “Spiritual Memoir: The Mystery in Our Stories”
Using quilts, diaries, artifacts, letters, recipes and pictures, this four-week small group study invites participants to reflect on where they have been, what they have learned along the way, and discern the meaning in their experiences. Available after Easter.

Advent Small Group Study – “Living Nativity”
A four-week small group study where participants meet the figures in their nativity sets coming alive in present day roles using reflections, art, music, and guided meditations. Available Nov. 1.

Festival & Sabbath (Spring Edition)
New! A collection of 20-25 new and revised Prayer Bench writings (prayers, centering meditations and reflections with questions) for personal use, as a resource for pastoral visitors, and for use in leading small groups or meetings. The Spring collection focuses on Lent, Easter, Pentecost and themes of renewal and transformation.  Available Feb. 1

Festival & Sabbath (Fall Edition)
As above. This edition focuses on Advent, Christmas and Epiphany and themes of creation and gratitude. Available September 4

A Subscription package is ….

  • Convenient! Order once and receive notice before each Email Retreat Series begins. When each resource is available, they’ll be delivered to you by email.
  • Flexible! Retreat in your own space and at your own time. Have your resources on hand when you need them.
  • Save! Your subscription saves money and helps the Prayer Bench.
  •  DISCOUNT FOR STUDENTS/LEARNING SITES. Please email for information and coupon code for $34, reducing the package to $65.

New to Prayer Bench Retreats? Click here to learn more about how Personal Email Retreats work.

New to Prayer Bench Small Group Studies? Click here to learn more about how Small Group Studies work

Learn more and compare! There are three Prayer Bench Subscription Packages for 2018. Click to download and print more information.

*The Personal Email Retreats are intended for use of the person who subscribes for the package. However, permission is granted to subscribers to share (with attribution) some of the contents within their worship services, congregational newsletters, and small groups. The Personal Email Retreats may not be forwarded (this can result in accidental unsubscribing, which is challenging to remedy.)  CONGREGATIONAL subscribers may submit up to five names/emails, per retreat, at no additional cost. If there are more than five people from the congregation interested, please contact me for a congregational price for the Email Retreats.

Subscriber packages are only available for sale from December 11 – January 31.

Do you have questions? Contact Janice, Host of the Prayer Bench by Email. 


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