After months of picking up beach glass,
I found a red piece,
a solitary fragment
perhaps from a ship’s lantern or a treasured bottle.
I named it Joy.
In honour of great delight and pleasure
They visit rarely.

Each time there is occasion for joy
I remember the frosted rare red.
It makes a  joy-full connection in me.

Today, I visited the milk bottle holding my beach glass collection.
(My friend is using beach glass in her Blue Christmas service.)
Lo, I see
two pieces of red.
I had forgotten the joy of the second find.

More joy.

There is full joy in joy
(like being pregnant, you can’t be more pregnant)
Yet, here is it more joy.

There is a lot of life lived out
in greens and whites, in brown and blues
and red is joy.
It is not just a moment (or two) surpassing all others
It is enough.

Joy is enough.
More joy is still enough.

So, pick it up again
your joy, your joys
and know the gift of
enough joy.