An Ocean of Love

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Ordinary, Reflections

John Heidt told me this story:

A grandfather and his young grandson
visited the ocean.
The excited child ran to water’s edge
and plunged his tiny bucket into the cold water.
Running back to Grandfather, he shouted
“I got the ocean. I got the ocean.”

I got the ocean.
We light the candle of Love.
We all dip into the immensity of Love.

“We are swimming in an ocean of God,”
John says,
“Don’t limit Love to what you think you can hold in your hands.”

John Heidt is a relative, a sage, and Love is his life-song. I have scribblers full of Love-notes from Skype conversations with him over the last year. He is in Palliative Care. I am sad. I am so very grateful. I dedicate this Advent Love webpost to John so he can read it and know my heart. Update: John died. He lives in his stories and his love.


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  1. You too have inherited those words from John and I am sad too.

  2. Love this….John touched us all !!!

  3. Thank you for sharing this lovely, and intimate story with us, Janice. John is truly a blessing!

  4. I too love John Heidt. I was so excited each year for the return of the summer residents at Lake Ainslie. When John and Nancy came they brought a kind of wisdom and care and their deep love. I treasured it then and I treasure the memory. I will share this story at one service this week. Thanks John for all you have been in the world. Thanks Janice for sharing this image with us.

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