“Moon When the Plums are Scarlet”

This is one of the poetic names for the September moon.
It’s also known as the “Corn Moon.”

The October moon will be the “Harvest Moon” this year,
but this full moon, hanging close to the horizon,
also reminds us of what is completed
and the making ready for the season coming.

I enjoyed the quiet moonlight gracing the fields
as I looked out from the window of our farmhouse apartment.
I recalled the energies of the past weeks that brought me to this full moon.

There were times the excitement of adventure faded in the almost constant re-framing
when our plans needed adjustment or another obstacle arose.

There were deeply “not-contemplative” moments when I reacted, worried, and allowed my more pessimistic nature to take charge.

We’re here now.
The moon is full. The plums are scarlet.
We are harvesting the joy of walking children to school
and seeing the magic of a twig picked up, balanced in a nine-year old hand, and named a perfect wand for turning a younger brother into a toad!

This full moon in a clear sky
invites completion.
It is time to breath acceptance into the labours of the energies that brought me here.
It is time to make ready for the months ahead.

What are the gifts from what is now complete? What requires letting go?  What needs readying in you for what is to come?

Photo Credit: By Danilo Tic from Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia, via Wikimedia Commons