Like the Eyes of An Owl

by | Feb 13, 2024 | Reflections

I love owls. And I have more than two or three in my study watching over my working. They are the “Keepers of Wisdom.”

They have eyes full of stories. They have a gaze that is deep and all-knowing.They have big eyes for their body size and this gives them extraordinary night vision.

I choose an owl to accompany me this Lent. Because of their remarkable ability to see well in both darkness and daylight, we learn from them the capacity to recognize the sacred in all circumstances and draw insight in times of challenge and joy. Throughout our Lenten quest, we nurture this watchful presence in ourselves.

Known for their quiet observation of the world, owls are witnesses to the rhythms of nature. What sights and sounds will be revealed to us this Lent when we become silent watchers, attuning our senses to the whispers of the Divine in creation?

Owls are often associated with intuition and wisdom. Beyond their keen eyesight, they possess an instinctive understanding of their environment. As we journey through Lent, we also make time to explore our intuitive wisdom and trust our knowing within. May we come to Easter with eyes full of stories.

The wee owl in the photo lives next door to me. My niece-in-law, Celene Andrews, photographed Owl one night. She says it is a Northern Saw-Whet Owl. And if you look that up, one nature writer says they are “practically bursting with attitude.” (Cornell Lab) And that, too, is a good quality to take on a Lent journey.

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  1. In one of my other lives, I was owl obsessed. The first thing I ever remember winning was a very large ceramic owl – I was so proud of it. It was about a foot and a half tall. I don’t remember what happened to it…sad. Thank you for this, Janice, it made me remember how much owls meant to me. Perhaps I need to rekindle that relationship and see them through the eyes of this life.

  2. Maybe they are calling out to you!

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