[Genesis] What Am I Here For?

“Then God took Abram outside and said,
‘Look up at the sky and count the stars, if you can!
As many as that, you will have for descendants.’”
– Genesis 15:5 (The Inclusive Bible)

Abraham never stopped asking, What am I here for?
He asked –
even when it meant another step along a dusty way,
even on the edge of desert times,
even when he laughed, and grieved, and lied,
even in old age,
even when the promise seemed bigger than reality.
What am I here for?

I like to think the night stars were a comfort for Abraham,
that every fear-filled day
was folded into night with a sky-full of stars.
And looking up, (or is it down?)
Abraham would know himself speechless
spinning in the womb of Divine space.

And “What am I here for?” would lose the hard edges of ego
and his softened heart
would fill with the shape of blessing,
traced in stardust.

What do you see when you look into a night sky? 
What questions do you ask?

Photo credit: Ron Romard Photography.

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  1. When I look up on a starry starry night, i’m Sometimes overwhelmed, that I (in my small corner) am a part of this magnificence. So much is beyond what I have made SO large in my priorities. It’s a balancing, wonder filled time

  2. Whenever I’m out in an evening and see the moon hanging in the sky I feel a great sense of reassurance that there is a strong force of love holding everything. This year, on New Year’s Eve I was driving to my church to prepare for a New Year’s Eve Labyrinth Walk and saw the huge silvery full moon near the horizon. And then the next evening witnessed a shooting star with a long bright tail in the clear night sky. These two marvels will stay with me for a long time.

  3. Looking up at the sky at night , seeing the stars and moon, fills me with such awe and wonder.. Knowing that my grandchildren who live away are also looking up and seeing the stars and moon gives me a sense of connection and oneness. Sometimes I will ask “Is that you Mum?” or someone else who has passed and comes to my awareness while looking up.

  4. That reminds me of the words, “Before the marvels of this night.” THank you for sharing your marvels. – Janice

  5. Love these images of connection. Thanks Bev.

  6. Looking at the constellations in the sky, trying to trace them, is something of a double edged sword for me. On the one hand doing this connects us to the stories humankind has told themselves for millennia. On the other hand it can lead to chattiness in the face of un -tameable dimensions, power and wonder and highlight our desire to name, domesticate , make in our image….sometimes I’d rather not know the names and just be present quietly.

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