Stop. Look. Wonder ….
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bench in spring

What longing in you is eager to emerge?
What is being revealed to the world through you?


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  1. The longing is for the winter to be over so Imcan once again SEE Lake Ainsliemin all it’s glory.
    thanks be to God!

  2. The questions you post are deceptively simple but so complicated in what they reveal. I thank you for always asking the creative question. It is a jolt and a push and usually reveals more of me to me. So, helpful and nourishing.

  3. I love this image.

  4. Deep thoughts…

  5. Reminds me of the pussy willows I saw outside my Dad’s window yesterday – still deeply caught in snow but non the less calling forth the emergence of spring and light. Great question for our day Janice.

  6. Emerging sunshine, crocus, robins,mud puddles,warmth,pussy willows and all things Spring.

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