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 A Blessing 
By Jane Doull

In this thin time, this thin place, our beloved ones  are still with us.
Their energies have become part of our energy.
Their souls have taken up residence in our souls.
And because they are no longer limited to one time and one place as we are,
Their spirits are part of Great Spirit,
Part of Holy Mystery,
Part of Unending Love,
Living on in constant creativity,
Constant compassion,
Flowing through us all,
Flowing where it is needed.
Together with them in spirit and in love,
May we treasure each precious and wondrous day to the full,
Loving those who come to us as gift.
And may we know we live in time and in no time,
In place and in no place,
In limitation and infinity,
In what we see and in mystery.
May it be so. Blessed be! 

[This blessing is included in Jane’s Let Us Pray: A Digital Collection of Prayers, Volume 4. This collection of prayers for Special Occasions will be available in late spring. The first three volumes are available now in Prayer Bench Shop. ]

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  1. Jane, thank you so much for this. As I walk with another on their journey to the end of life on this plane I know that they too will find it a b;blessing

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