Bearing Divine Energy

by | Sep 6, 2016 | Reflections

I’m a lover of summer and I am sad when I when the green chlorophyll fades revealing the red, yellows, golds and orange of autumn leaves . Yet I am awed; Autumn offers a colourful energy.

As I thought about a theme for a fall Prayer Bench Email retreat the colours of energy seemed to offer  evocative possibility.

Energy. And then I discovered there are as many ways to address this theme as there are, well… Leaves on a tree.

You can see by the word map I made that I could have gone is so many directions. I invited photographers to send me pictures they felt expressed something of the colours of energy. Their interpretations helped me settle on these explorations.

Music as energy for life.
Art as an creative energy.
And Healing Energy.

I invited musician and therapist Dana Pardy, Celtic artist David Brewer, and healing pathway practitioner Karen MacLeod-Wilkie to join me in offering their experience.

And our fourth retreat is one I write exploring Acedia and its remedies. Acedia is a word that comes from monastic tradition, and understanding it offers much hope in the midst of soul weariness we sometimes experience.

“We are here on earth a little while to learn to bear the beams of love.” – William Blake

I believe reading, reflecting and trying out some of the suggested spiritual practices in these retreats will help us learn to welcome the divine energy flowing into our lives and from us to those around us.

Energy begin September 14 with a Welcome Email. To register and learn more, visit here: Energy: Prayer Bench Shop. Or you can email me and I’ll get you set up. Janice’s Email Prayer Bench Email.

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  1. I am curious about your word drawing at the beginning of your email.What is the significance of the different coloured words and their connection to one another.When you have a moment,could you explain this to me ? Thank you..
    Stay strong.Be safe

  2. Hi Roberta. I think it is called a mind map. I use it when I have a lot of ideas and need to focus, or no ideas and I need one! I put the main word in the middle and circle it until another word or image comes to mind and then all the words that go with that branch of thought. Then back to the centre and do it again. I just used colours this time to amuse me. Usually something solidifies or emerges.

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