“Available Now” Retreat: Energy


A Four Session Retreat available “on demand.” You register, pay and when confirmed, receive your Retreat Guide as a download in an Email.

In these retreats, we explore the flow of our inner energy with reflections and spiritual practices offered by an Healing Pathway Practitioner, a Music Therapist, a Celtic Artist and Janice, the Host of Prayer Bench. (Full description below.)


We turn to 4th century teachers and modern practitioners to learn more about the colour of energy flowing through us. Got acedia? We recover this ancient monastic word with so much meaning for our culture. Creative energy? We talk with an artist about encouraging our creative nature. Healing energy? We meet a Healing Pathway practitioner who shares the gifts and skills of healing within the Christian tradition. Music Energy? We learn from a music therapist how music facilitates self-awareness and personal development.

You retreat at your own time, in your own home or during a planned retreat. Great for a day away, personal retreat or self-directed Continuing Education.

What you receive:
A downloadable Retreat Guide with four complete sessions offering:
– A Grounding practice,
–  Written Reflection on the theme,
– Suggested Spiritual Practices,
– A photo for Visio Divina (Sacred Seeing),
– Prompts for Journaling or Pondering
– and a Blessing. 

If you can receive Email you have all the technological know-how you need for this retreat!

Please contact me by at this email if you have questions or issues.


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