They are ancient words.
“Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.”
And we take the once green and growing palm leaves
And burn them in reforming fire.
Then we mix them with water,
Source of Life, Crashing Waters of Creation
and we wait.
Lent is waiting, getting ready.

They are ashes worth wearing
calling us to give intention to this rhythm of life and death,
and life again.

They are ashes worth wearing
calling us to be present, making ourselves available,
to give and receive life with all its risks and glories.

Even more ancient than ashes is stardust.

The science-poet Ernesto Cardenal writes:

What’s in a star? We are.
All the elements of our body and of the planet
were once in the belly of a star.
We are stardust.
We come from the stars, and to them we shall return.

We are stardust.
Remember you are connected and to connection you will return.

Ashes. Fire. Water.
Elements of stardust.
Shared among all creation.
We are One as we come
Part of the Mystery.

They are ashes worth wearing.

What invitation is present for you this Lent as you remember you are stardust and connected to all that is?
What ‘password’ helps hold a longing calling for your attention in these days of Lent?
What is your deepest desire? Does it have a shape, a colour, or an image?
Can you hear the prayer praying in you as Lent begins?

 Read the whole poem here: Stardust by Ernest Cardenal.