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by | May 1, 2018 | Reflections

Welcome to the Prayer Bench Strollers,

I invite you to say hello and leave your name and where you are from at the bottom of this post using the “Leave a Reply.” If it is your first time commenting, it might not appear right away but will as soon as click the check mark.

While you wait for your first Stroll email to arrive, you might want to spend time with this insightful quote. It was passed on to me by one of our group of Strollers. Read it slowly. Absorb the phrase that is just for you today ….

“I will follow the upward road today; I will keep my face to the light. I will think high thoughts as I go my way; I will do what I know is right. I will look for the flowers by the side of the road; I will laugh and love and be strong. I will try to lighten another’s load this day as I fare along.” — Mary S. Edgar

I look forward to strolling with you on May 7th.

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  1. I’m strolling tonight in Laurier Park Edmonton, Alberta???? have fun on May 7th.

  2. Hi! Bob Johnson here and I will be strolling in St. Stephen, New Brunswick – registered as a member of a group through Wesley United Church in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick.

  3. Good Morning to all strollers 🙂 , Deborah A. strolling in Sussex, New Brunswick, invited/registered with St. Paul’s United Church Sussex.

  4. Good Day to you. I am Leigh, strolling along in Oakville, Ontario, as invited by Kate at Munn’s United. Thank you, and I wish you a beautiful day!

  5. Kate Young as part of a group of strollers from Munns United Church in Oakville Ontario. Blessings on our journey together.

  6. Strolling at
    Lake Ainslie ,Cape Breton , Nova Scotia and I am the mother of Janice. Wishing all steps of joy and good energy!

  7. Stroĺling in Auckland, New Zealand

  8. Marilyn Henry from St.Andrews United in Harvey, NB joining for the first time.

  9. Tina Driscoll living in Oakville but with a corner of my heart is still in Halifax, NS. Strolling with members of Munn’s United.

  10. hello fellow strollers… Pix here from Kensington PEI… strolling with a group from Southwest River and Princetown United Churches…. already inspired to be with this group of intention making people!

  11. I am Shirley from Perth, Ontario joining for the first time from St. Paul’s U.C.,

  12. Sandra Alston , Newtown , NB outside of Sussex , New Brunswick

  13. Marlene Hunter Kierstead…will be strolling with friends from St Andrews United of Harvey NB.

  14. I am from Kanata United Church in Ottawa – this is my first time strolling and am looking forward to the journey.

  15. Hello, I am Bonita Head registered through Munn’s United Church. I look forward to strolling here and there in Oakville mostly.

  16. I am strolling as a member of Kanata United Church, West of Ottawa
    Jan Chanter

  17. Peter Wilkins here in Willowdale, a North York suburb that has been the centre of news of last weeks Van catastrophe. So I’m looking forward to peaceful strolling around our neighbourhood pathways, as well as along Yonge Street #TorontoStrong .
    Next week I will begin my stroll in Meadowvale, Mississauga, where I am staying with 2 grandsons for a week. Namaste, Peter

  18. I am from Kanata United Church, a suburb of Ottawa.

  19. Florence Spencer I am looking forward to strolling along with you. Thank you
    Kate Young for inviting me to Strolling along.

  20. Ann Wootton. Upper Nine Mile River United Church. Nova Scotia.

  21. Hi to all, strolling from Elmsdale- Alberton United Church in PEI. Corina Bolo invited me and looking forward to the stroll.

  22. Hello to Everyone! I am one of the strollers from Munn’s United Church. I will be strolling along sidewalks and trails in Oakville, Ontario.

  23. Hello. My name is Marie Hayes and I will be strolling with you from Riverview United Church in Elmsdale, Nova Scotia. This is the first time I have taken part in anything like this and am looking forward to the journey.

  24. I am June Walters, I am from Summerside, going to Trinity United Church…am looking forward to the first walk

  25. Joan Jarvis
    Riverview United Church, Elmsdale, NS
    Strolling with my Parson Russell terrier, Tess.

  26. Shirley Challoner, Red Deer, AB- first timer but looking forward to the journey!!

  27. Strolling around Perth Ont. for the first time , from St. Pauls United
    Anne Dowie

  28. Heather Nesbitt in Kemptville, ON with St. John’s United Church

  29. Corey and Darlene Cameron here as invited by Rev. C (COOL) MacDonald from Nine Mile River , N.S.. We are sitting at The Prayer Bench for a little while waiting for recent storms to subside and move on to quiet meandering. Can you imagine strolling along a winding path with Jesus by your side!!

  30. Pam Reidpath, strolling with a group from Millstream Pastoral Charge, Berwick, NB

  31. I am strolling with my sisters and cousin

  32. Mary Parsons from Munn’s United Church in Oakville. Looking forward to refreshing my soul as I walk.

  33. Katherine Henry. I am with St. Andrews United Church in Harvey Station, NB

  34. Marianne MacMillan.i live on the banks of the Wallace Robert.Strolling to the Wallace River Bridge soothes the soul!

  35. Good day! I am Shelley King strolling from Mississauga Ontario through First United. Can’t wait to enjoy strolling some waterfront paths

  36. I’m looking forward to strolling! I will be strolling in Westville, Nova Scotia — registered with a group from GreenHill-Alma United Church in Pictou County, Nova Scotia.

  37. Hi I’m Janice Lewis strolling with Riverview United Church from Elmsdale, Nova Scotia.

  38. Good Morning to All! Shirley Hopkins from Sackville United Church in Sackville, NB. I will be strolling with my friend, Donna Campbell, and am very much looking forward to this new experience.

  39. Sue Campbell from Trinity United in Elmira, Ontario. This is our congregation’s first time with this event… looking forward to it!

  40. Hello, Good morning from Haliburton, Nova Scotia… Today I strolled with a friend along the water front of Pictou, NS along the beautiful Jitny Trail.

  41. Hi, I’m Cheryl Masson and will be strolling in Exeter, Ontario

  42. Hi fellow strollers! Anne Hoganson, in Spryfield (Halifax) NS. I’m signed up with a lovely group of folks from St. Paul’s United. Looking forward to the emails, doing some daily strolling on my own, and hoping to get out for a few group strolls too!

  43. I am Patty Brintnell from Exeter, Ontario. I love walking our community’s nature trail, enjoying all the sights and listening to the sounds around me.

  44. Hi Strollers, my name is Peggy and I am a happy member of Visions United in Stilesville, N. B. (very near Moncton). I stroll once or twice every day with my big buddy, Barney. We never fail to enjoy Nature on every stroll. We look up a lot, especially at night with the stars, and remember our wonderful walks with our passed best friend and hubby, Ralph. Stroll on fellow strollers.

  45. Hi I’m Dianne, strolling in Calgary again surrounded by my family after living the last 11 years in PEI. Looking forward to calming the turmoil I am currently going through with my decision to change my location!

  46. Heather Reid here from Munn’s United in Oakville. I will be strolling with my dog Zoey.

  47. I am a member of Visions United Church is Stilesville which is part of the Greater Moncton Area. Looking forward to beginning Stroll for the Soul.

  48. Greetings to all. Margie here.
    I will begin each morning , and conclude each evening with a stroll throughout the streets ,pathways ,and trails within the village of Cobden ON. This year I will watch, wait and listen for understanding how to effectively exit ministry,
    and transition into “full time retirement” as this month I enter into ” three score years and ten ”
    Walk with me, I will walk with you, sisters and brothers of Spirit.

  49. Nancy will be strolling in Kitchener Waterloo. Be well all

  50. Hi to all fellow strollers, Charlotte here. My dog Blake and I will be strolling in Wellington Nova Scotia as part of a group signed up from Bedford United Church in Bedford NS. What a wonderful, geographically diverse group we are!!

  51. Margrét Kristjansson here in Wawanesa, MB. I’ll be strolling in the long distance company of my sister and cousin. And at least some of the time I’ll have one of Miniature Horses along for the stroll.

  52. Greetings fellow strollers from myself near Sydney, Cape Breton. I will be walking with my 6-year-old Boxer, Chuck, who tells me every day to get up and get moving! – preferably with him! Now, when he drops my shoe at my feet, I will put it on, find the other one, and drive the short distance to Petersfield Park where the forest meets the ocean: ocean, trees, and the peace and gentle challenges of Christ as company – nothing sounds better to me right now!

  53. Hi – Great to greet so many fellow strollers from across the country – and beyond! (Wow! New Zealand!) I look forward to strolling around beautiful Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, with friends from our local United Church. Great time of year – birds returning, buds swelling, lobster boats just going out this week!

  54. This will be my first stroll on May 7 th and I am looking forward to it. I am from Zmoncto , NB

  55. Excuse typos. Grandchildren and dog helping !

  56. Hello
    I turn 60 on May 24 and look forward to strolling right into this new decade with ease and grace.
    I live in Dartmouth NS and am part of the Bedford United crew!

  57. Greetings, all. I am looking forward to walking, sometimes on my own, and hopefully at times in the company of Wilf and walkers from the Tatamaguche Pastoral Charge.

  58. Annika Sangster – Strolling all over HRM in Nova Scotia, but mostly between Beaver Bank and Tantallon.

  59. Hello All, I live in Truemanville NS and am part of the Northumberland Pastoral Charge. I see that I am in good company as I endeavor to stay present during my stroll each day .

  60. Hi everyone, BarbTaylor from Trinity United in Elmira, ON, but I will be strolling in Cusco and other spots in Peru with my daughter who is living there.

  61. Debbie MacIntyre from Hammonds Plains, NS & St Luke’s United. May is a busy month for me so I appreciate this program and its encouragement to take time for reflection. Sometimes I will be strolling my way to and from my parked car at work (parking isn’t easy to find in Halifax), or with my dog and hopefully with some friends and family. Looking forward to it!

  62. Hi, Lynn Dobson from Hampton,N.B. Really looking forward to sharing our thoughts, and to take a stroll for my soul.

  63. Terri Gloyd, Chestertown, Maryland
    Looking forward to spring walks and contemplation.

  64. Susan Debnam I will be strolling near Chestertown, Md with friends from The Presbyterian Church of Chestertown

  65. Hello All! Anna from Waterford, MI here….looking forward to this journey.

  66. Many blessing fellow PW:O)

  67. I almost visited NS when we went to Maine. Maybe I’ll make it back that way again now that the passport is renewed. I love how diverse this group is…God is so good!

  68. Hello everyone, Christie,will be strolling in the beautiful Tatamagouche NS with friends , family and our big black lab!

  69. Happy to be strolling with all of you. I live in Dartmouth and serve two churches in Elmsdale and Nine Mile River. Looking forward to some intentional time outside.

  70. I am Denise and am looking forward to joining my friends at PCC in Chestertown, MD!

  71. Joan Graham. part of a group of strollers from Munn’s United Church in Oakville

  72. Hi all! Deborah Hart here from Deer Park United Church, Toronto, in a wonderful Ecumenical Shared Ministry with Calvin Presbyterian. First time for this walk but doing it to see if I want to be part of a week long walking pilgrimage in August from Guelph retreat centre to Midland Martyr’s Shrine (a “mini” Camino!). I will stroll a huge park with many trails right near my home. Can’t wait!

  73. Sharing from windy Amherst NS. and looking forward to beginning another ‘stroll’ on Monday. The blue sky is glorious today.

  74. Hi, I’m Margie Ann MacDonald and I am strolling with everyone in spirit. I live in Barrhaven, Ontario, just down the road from Kanata and Ottawa.

  75. Thinking of the flood in your area, we have a place on Belleisle, on higher ground. Looking forward to strolling through the scriptures, as I Nordic Walk in God’s presence in the ne t few days

  76. Living in Hopewell Hill, i Nordic walk with a group of Christian friends, along the Bay of Fundy, preparing for retirement in Sept to look after our adopted special needs child…. looking forward to stroll with His spirit opening up my thoughts to His love and direction. Walking here is like walking along the sea of Galilea in 1986.

  77. Gayle Redshaw in Oakville, Ontario, with a group from Munn’s United Church.

  78. I am Nancy Small and will be strolling with the gang from Trinity United Church, Summerside PE. Looking forward to the stroll.

  79. We’ll be thinking of you as we stroll in Mississauga this week, after dropping grandsons at school.

  80. Hi Fellow strollers. I am new to this venture, but have joined under the auspices of St. Paul’s United Church in Sussex, NB. We have lots of strollers from many provinces. Wonderful, isn’t it?

  81. Hello everyone- Heather MacDougall here, and I live in Kensington PEI. I look forward to strolling with some people from the United churches of Freetown, North Bedeque and Lot 16 in PEI, and all of you! I expect to be strolling around town, on some trails, and maybe on the beach, if it isn’t too cold

  82. Hello everyone, I’m Janice and Host of the Prayer Bench. i’m very excited by our Stroll group – from so many parts of Canada, several US states, and New Zealand. There are lots of congregations and groups, and many who signed up as individuals too. I love hearing your stories and glimpses of the places where you will be strolling. I’ll be strolling this year in New Dundee, Ontario. Welcome to Stroll.

  83. Hello all! I will stroll with the Presbyterian Church of Chestertown, MD on our beautiful eastern shore along the Chesapeake Bay.

  84. We visited NS, NB, PEI, Moncton for the first time last fall. I’m excited that I’ll be able to imagine so many of your paths as I stroll and meditate near the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland

  85. I am looking forward to strolling along with friends from

  86. Judy in PEI, looking forward to our strolls and contemplations.

  87. Hello everyone, my name is Lois Budd and I live in Colpitts Settlement N.B. I have enjoyed several of Janice’s Stroll for you Soul retreats and I am looking forward to this years Stroll sessions.

  88. Greetings! I’m Patricia from East LaHave, NS. Tashi delek (auspicious blessings),

  89. Hello fellow strollers. Heather Embrett strolling in Spryfield (Halifax) NS. Looking forward to strolling with my border collie Jasper as well possibly getting together with my fellow strollers from St. Paul’s United Church in Spryfield.

  90. Hello Everyone! My name is Amanda, I’m from Oakville, ONT and part of the group that is strolling from Munns United Church. Happy Monday!

  91. Hi, I’m Kate Monk from Exeter, Ontario. Looking forward to seeing our streets and trails through a new lens over the next weeks.

  92. Looking forward to strolling with God and you all. I’m Lauretta from Delmont Presbyterian Church, Pa.

  93. Corey and Darlene here from Nine Mile River, Nova Scotia. Right now sitting on the prayer bench waiting for storms to subside but looking forward to the meanderings ahead!

  94. I’m excited to be strolling with so many of you. I’m Wendy from Munn’s United Church in Oakville

  95. Looking forward to an afternoon strolling from one garden plot to another, appreciating Mother Nature’s gifts of magic.

  96. I am Mary MacFarlane. I am from Saskatoon,SK. I have a cabin at Candle Lake ( 2 .5 hrs north and east of Saskatoon) where I will sometimes stroll or I aill be strolling or biking in Saskatoon.

  97. Hi! My name is Sue and I’m strolling with Munn’s United in Oakville.

  98. Ex-Munn’s United (Oakville); relocated to the ‘balmy’ South Shore of Lake Ontario. Strolling/Sampling United Churches between Winona/East Stoney Creek and Niagara-on-the-Lake for a new congregation to call ‘home’.

  99. I’m starting my stroll this evening in Acadia Park, Westville, N.S. I’m part of a group from Green Hill-Alma United Church.

  100. Strolling on PEI as part of the Margate Pastoral Charge. I look forward to strolling on the Confederation trail and exploring many nature paths during this time.

  101. Rosemary Ingraham, for the first 10 days I’ll be strolling in NB and NS where I’ll be visiting. The remaining time I’ll stroll on my farm at Arrowwood in Southern Alberta. Blessings to all as you stroll.

  102. Joan from Moncton. I am hoping you are safe from any flooding. Not sure how far it goes. Blessings on your stroll.

  103. Hi I am Shelley LeFresne from Tatamagouche Nova scotia I look forward to strolling with you

  104. I am Margo on PEI & I am very happy to be Strolling with folks from hither & yon. This morning I Strolled to the mail box with Mother’s Day cards for my 3 daughters to thank them for my grandchildren.

  105. Sharon Seymour strolling the back fields. Part of the group from Millstream Pastoral Charge Millstream NB

  106. Hi fellow strollers, I am Helen Muttart from Bedeque North Pastoral Charge in PEI and I am looking forward to strolling with everyone into the Spring.

  107. I am from Truro, N.S. and looking forward to this stroll as a first timer!????

  108. Mary Elizabeth enjoying strolling from the Pretty River Valley, just outside Collingwood Ontario.

  109. Blessings to all on the journey! May we draw closer to the Divine over the next 21 days.

  110. The first day of Strolling was great. Yesterday I Strolled over to
    Westminster United Church in Mississauga . On the way I stopped to
    enjoy seeing the new growth on the new trees that have been planted
    in the grove near the church. My thought was that after 21 days of
    strolling there will be personal new growth. Looking forward to day 2.

  111. Thank you for the warmth of the sun during my first day of strolling.

  112. We have a group of 12 enrolled through First United Church in south Mississauga, ON – enjoying the sunshine and spring is definitely in the air today. We are mostly walking independently, but hope to gather a couple of time to stroll and chat together. Thank you for this wonderful project.

  113. Happy to be part of the prayer bench. Sheila from Munn’s United in Oakville.

  114. Lucy Cameron I am strolling with Trinity United group really enjoying the walk on this *Gentle Island*.

  115. Judy from Munns group.

  116. Looking forward to strolling (physically) the countryside south of Woodstock ON and (virtually) with one of my oldest friends who lives in Kitchener, ON. Grateful for this opportunity.

  117. As i was Strolling this morning I met a nun, in a full beautiful black & white habit. I was so struck by it that I had to excuse myself to her & speak to her about what a lovely sight she was to see. Not more that 5 feet tall, & slim, ageless as they all seem, we had a nice quiet chat about this & that, then bid each other a good day. This stuck with me all day, & a friend I told of it mentioned that the nun must have been from the new convent just up the road from Sobey’s. I hadn’t thought of that, but hope that the ladies will be out & about for all to see – living examples of ones dedicated to doing God’s work.

  118. Effie Arsenault walking with friends from Trinity United Church Summerside, PEI.
    We have had beautiful sunny days this weeks. I’m enjoying strolling around our beautiful city.

  119. Good Morning. Looking forward to strolling again today. Usually my husband accompanies me but last evening he had a concert performance so I strolled out on my own…but not for long, as a black crow decided I was worthy of companionship and followed me, flying from tree to tree. Friends are everywhere. Feeling blessed by the morning prompts. Last evening’s prompt took me a little deeper so the company of my winged friend was uplifting.

  120. Hope to see you out and about Effie. 🙂

  121. As we strolled we came across a fence out in the middle of nowhere and wasn’t attached to anything and I thought it a little strange to have a fence up that folks could easily walk around and then I thought…wait a minute…those are the perfect kind of fences!

    “I am. May you be.” – Thank you Beatrice

  122. Hi, I have been busy with Conference so I am just checking in now. I am in Killam AB and was invited on this journey by a friend. I have just been elected to go to General Council in July and have decided to take part in the Alvin Dixon Memorial 2km walk. So I am looking forward to some practice strolling and reflecting on my new task as well as where the Holy is in the midst of it all. Blessings to you as we stroll together.

  123. I am strolling as part of the Green Hill – Alma Group in Pictou County, NS.

  124. Today I am happy to see that we are looking at trees. My granddad had an orchard in the Okanogan Valley in B.C. & my earliest memories are of climbing the trees for fruit. My favorites were the cherries – probably because I could reach them. After a visit to the orchard all of my clothes were spotted with cherry juice, much to my mother’s dismay – but then, she had probably done the same thing when she was my age as she had grown up with these same trees. I have always loved looking at trees, photographing them, & just standing by them for their shade, their scent & the rustling of their leaves. Another way that God communicates with us. Margo

  125. Margo !!! Not sure if the great lady I knew from the OPP Auxiliary….but if so – it would be great to catch up and enjoy your company once again !! ALWAYS had such admiration for you as a Mom and Wife ! Kindest thoughts…..hope we can meet at some point. Rod Lahay in Ottawa at (613) 596-1593

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