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Nurture Your Spiritual Journey

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!

Six weeks to Pentecost.

Join in this Godly Play circle with the focus of a brief daily email.

Celebrate the  Easter season journey

All the Way to Pentecost.

A Sample Email

Week 1: Practices for Keeping Easter
Monday, April 9
Savour the Mystery

Crossing the Threshold
Take a few slow, deep breaths. Welcome to our circle.

Ponder This … …
In Godly Play® we have little figures we move through the desert. Sometimes they are journeying to Haran. Other times they are on the way to Egypt or fleeing into exile.

Our tendency is to hurry them up. Sometimes they leap!

Perhaps we are uncomfortable with the distance to be covered. We are conscious of the time it takes and the long space of silence.

Nearly always we discover that resisting the urge to make the People of God leap the distance and taking them step-by-step creates space for wonder, to hear the crunch of the desert sand, and open our hearts to the mystery of the story.

Today we practice slowing down (even just a little.)

Keeping Easter Practice
Slow down. Notice where you are leaping through the day. Notice your hurrying. I wonder how you can find time today to savour the journey. Notice spaces where you can take a few deep breaths.

And if you have time you might want to watch the People of God in a desert story told by Canadian storyteller, Amy Crawford.  “The Great Family.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is All the Way to Pentecost for?




This email program is for Storytellers, Doorpersons, Trainers, Parents, Clergy, Members of congregations/parishes who use Godly Play, or anyone wanting to know more about Godly Play.


How does this Email series work?

You Receive:

  • A Welcome Email on Wednesday, April 4 which outlines everything you need to know about receiving this daily email series.
  • An Email each Sunday in the Easter season introducing the theme of the week, beginning April 8 until Pentecost Sunday on May 20.
  • Brief Daily Emails from Monday – Saturday. Each email offers a pause for crossing the threshold, a reflection or wondering on a Godly Play story, and a wondering or spiritual practice to carry throughout the day.
  • Access to the All the Way to Pentecost webpage with links to the daily emails and other information. It’s a great place to catch up if you fall behind a few days. Too busy right now? You can visit the page when you have time.
What can I expect from this Email series?

You can expect to be delighted with images and evocative insights from Godly Play stories. You can expect to receive mindful focus for your day. You can expect to learn spiritual practices for seeing God in the ordinary. Read more about the practical details here: All the Way to Pentecost.


Do you need to know the Godly Play Stories?

No. Each daily reflection is written in the language and process familiar to Godly Players and share my learning from working with the stories and principles of Godly Play, however, they are accessible to all who are interested in having a mindful focus and spiritual practice for their day.


Is there a group rate?


So, you want to include all your Storytellers and Doorpersons in this Email Series? It is a great way of nurturing and thanking them. Perhaps you want to offer this to parents? We can talk about a group rate at a reduced cost. Please email Janice for details. Click here for the Prayer Bench Email .  You can also send a gift card to a special Godly Play person in your life.

I'm worried about yet another email in my inbox ....


Yes, managing email is a spiritual practice in itself. If you subscribe, you will receive one email a day. They are brief. You also receive access to a private webpage where you will find all the daily readings. So if you fall behind or know you are going to have more time later in the year, you can use them then. The private webpage will be available for one year.


How does this support Godly Play Canada?

This is a Prayer Bench project designed with the support of Godly Play Canada. Depending on sales, at least 1/3 of your registration will support the work of Godly Play Canada. The Prayer Bench, a Presbytery Recognized Ministry, will also benefit and continue to provide resources to nurture the spiritual journey. Thank you.

I don't like to order online. Are there any alternatives?

Yes. You can send me an email and pay with a cheque. Here is my email.  When you order online you have four options for payment: use PayPal, pay with your own credit card, send a bank transfer, or you can send a cheque/money order. You order from a secure ecommerce site.

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