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I was awake the night of the full moon.

It was beautiful. 
Full moon in a clear, black sky, 
Radiance reflected in a band of white light across the Lake, 
Brightness illuminating everything, making the night like day. 

It is the Trinity in action. 

God, Moon Light in a dark sky
Christ, the image of the invisible God, reflected in the lake 
Spirit, spilling light and love into all things. 

Ecologist Suzanne Simard grew up in Canadian forests as a descendant of loggers before becoming a forestry ecologist. She’s now a professor of forest ecology at the University of British Columbia.

In her book about discovering the wisdom of the forest, she says: Trees are linked to neighboring trees by an underground network of fungi that resembles the neural networks in the brain. In one study, Simard watched as a Douglas fir that had been injured by insects appeared to send chemical warning signals to a ponderosa pine growing nearby. The pine tree then produced defense enzymes to protect against the insect.

In addition to warning each other of danger, Simard says that trees have been known to share nutrients at critical times to keep each other healthy. She says the trees in a forest are often linked to each other via an older tree she calls a “mother” or “hub” tree.  (Finding the Mother Tree: Discovering the Wisdom of the Forest.)

It is the Trinity in action. 

God, the Mother Tree, the Hub 
Christ, the Root holding all things together, 
Spirit, Making Known, healing and guiding. 

The poet, Mary Oliver in her poem “Six Recognitions of the Lord” writes beautifully of recognizing the Lord present in the clouds, the wings of birds, the fragrance of the fields. 

She names the Trinity in action. 

God, the Giver of every good and perfect gift. 
Christ, the Gift of Heaven present on Earth. 
Spirit, the continued Giving, spilling gifts in wild abandon. 

The Giver, the Gift, the Giving. 
The Lover, the Love, the Loving. 
The Song, the Singer, the Singing. 
The Sender, the Sent, the Sending. 

God is always in motion.

God is our Aliveness.
Christ is our Experience. 
Spirit is the flowing of Love into our daily lives.

God beyond All.
Christ beside us.
Spirit within you. 

Go into your day with heart open to signs and experiences of the aliveness of Trinity around, among and within you.

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  1. The simplicity of these words create a picture of the Trinity that is soul soothing and heart warming.
    Thank you!

  2. Thank you for these beautiful images of the Trinity, Janice.

  3. Thank you of this reminder of the work of the Trinity in us and in other parts of creation. Why would I ever have thought that the Trinity is for us and not all of God’s loved creation.

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