Sounding Vitality Retreat

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Information and Registration for SOUNDING VITALITY: A Clergy Retreat 
Sponsored by the Fundy St. Lawrence Dancing Waters Faith Formation Committee
February 27 – March 1 

THE THEME: Sounding Vitality
Designed by the Prayer Bench 


  • Sounding is a profound spiritual image; an image of measuring the depth of things.
  • We are exhausted. Even in these depths, might we find vitality? Vitality is not an emotional response to external happening or in spite of them. But vitality is a gift, a grace, the mercy found in a core of our whole selves. It is the “pure glory of God within us.” It’s there. We open to it. 
  • There are impasses along the way. When we meet them, what is our best response?
  • The journey is how we get there. We recognize the presence of vitality through our soul-thirsts.

Sunday, February 27, 7pm
Opening Worship Zoom  (45 minutes) with Catherine Stuart & Kendall Harrison

Monday, February 28: 
Day 1 Retreat on Your Own with the retreat suggestions provided.
7pm Check In and Night Prayer Zoom (30 minutes)

Tuesday, March 1:
Day 2 Retreat on Your Own with the retreat suggestions provided.
7pm Check in & Closing Worship (45 minutes) with the Rev. Faith March-McCuish

Day 1: Depth Soundings & Encountering Impasse
Using the image of the action of measuring the depths of the sea, we ask, what is this moment offering to leaders and communities of faith? What does it mean to allow ourselves (and our faith communities) the experience of impasse? Vitality awaits on the inside.

Day 2: Vitality
We accept the power and grace of what is here now, and still coming, as we give intention and attention to vitality practices and invitations, personally and in our communities of faith. 

Each daily retreat resource includes:

  • A Praying the Scripture video – meant to provide a pond which helps contain the theme for the day.
  • Reflection and Spiritual Practice 
  • Prompts for Practice – Prayer and practice take the shape of our personality. Use only what works for you.
  • Contemplative Walk – each day a different focus id suggested.
  • Creative Response – a variety of art expressions are suggested. Choose what you spend time with by keeping in mind your personality and intuitive attraction and what you need now. 
  • Other Suggested Resources

“Let us live connected and in love, so that generations to come will look at us and say, “They were the first generation to really get it. They were the first universal humans, the first to take in the universe and hear its story and know their part in it. They were the first to make choices rooted in the conviction that all life is connected. They were the first to receive the Light in a way that allowed the entire species to escape the pull of dissolution and disconnectedness and transcend to a new level of vitality and freedom that changed the whole of creation. They were radically amazing!”   — Judy Cannato, Radical Amazement: Contemplative Lessons from Black Holes, Supernovas, and Other Wonders of the Universe  

This Retreat is a gift of the Faith Formation Committee. You are welcome to register and take part in whatever elements are helpful to you. Once you register, you will immediately receive a confirmation email with a weblink and password to a Retreat Page. You will also receive a Welcome Email from the Faith Formation Committee closer to the start of the retreat. 

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