Stroll for Your Soul (Individual)


Stroll for Your Soul 21 Days of Encouragement
 BEGINNING MAY 11, 2019. 

Stroll (or Roll) for Your Soul invites mindful attention and offers 21 Emails delivering incentive, focus and inspiration to your inbox. 

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Stroll for Your Soul

  • Are you a fair weather person needing encouragement to get back in your walking shoes?
  • Are you a runner seeking mindfulness on your daily run?
  • Are you a biker, a hiker, a skate boarder wanting inspiration with your exercise?

Stroll (or Roll) for Your Soul invites mindful attention and offers 21 Emails delivering incentive, focus and inspiration to your inbox.

It takes 21 days to create a habit. Use these daily emails as motivation to get outside. They will help you notice the the green and growing glories of Spring. If you are a regular walker, they offer practice at paying attention and being in the present moment. Weave silence and mindful reflection into whatever minutes you have to give to your self. Give yourself 21 days and make it a habit.

Stroll (or Roll) for Your Soul offers 21 days of accompaniment through a brief email delivered early each morning to your inbox. Each email will offer a practice, or a reflection, or a poem, or a photograph giving direction and encouragement to your time spent walking or jogging or biking or even skate boarding.

WayMarks ….  is our 2019 Stroll for Your Soul theme. I am delighted to share the creation of the 2019 Stroll with Caroline Bindon of Kereru Publishing in New Zealand. Caroline and I will explore the unique spirituality of our landscapes from very different parts of the world, and we look for WayMarks in song, scripture and our everyday experiences. Caroline brings particular attention to experiential prayer. Come Stroll with us!

WHEN: Begins with a welcome email Wednesday, May 8. You receive daily emails from May 11- 31. 

COST: $20.00


  • A welcome email on Wednesday, May 8 with an audio recording on contemplative walking.
  • 21 daily emails with a practice, a poem, a reflection, or photograph offering encouragement for mindful attention and accompaniment. 

Want to make it a group/congregational project? You can purchase a group subscription for $50 and sign up as many strollers as you wish!  Take me to the Stroll for Your Soul Group/Congregation info.

A Sample Email:  I am. May You Be

Re-collecting is more than remembering. It is bringing yourself into a full sense of who you are, just as you are. Take a moment to look in a mirror before you leave. Look with gentleness. Receive the image of your-self with humour, grace and acceptance.

Beatrice Bruteau died in 1984, but her scholarly work is being re-discovered because of her insights into science, math and spirituality. She is a modern mystic and inter-spritual pioneer.

Her words: “I am. May you be” say something about her inclusive vision and the value of each person (including self)

As you stroll today, recall her mantra. “I am. May you be.” Allow a sense of self-love and mutual respect rise in you, and in all you meet.  Bring to mind someone who is a struggle for you to accept or be with. Simply offer the prayer: I am. May you be.

Continue the “I am. May you be” mantra during the day. Is there a cue you can set to remind yourself? It acknowledges the gift of you in the world and it is a prayer of respect for others.

Book Recommendation: God’s Ecstasy: The Creation of a Self-Creating World by Beatrice Bruteau. 

PHOTO: With thanks to Gordon Williams


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