Practices for a Trouble World (Lent 2017)

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An email retreat for Lent 2017. Lent invites intention. We live in an unfinished world and we are invited to take creative action in our small corner. Learn more below about the themes and practices we’ll engage.

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This Teilhard de Chardin quote inspired this Lent series: “Christianity does not ask us to live in the shadow of the cross but in the fire of its creative action.” 

With so much pain and fear in the world we explore practices for creative action. I’ll share with you reflections on my recorded conversations with three people who have found ways to creatively live in the world.

Each retreat offers an opening intention, a written reflection, evocative questions you can ponder or journal, a suggested spiritual practice and closing.

Here are the Weekly Retreat themes and meet my three guests:

  1. An Unfinished World. Is life going somewhere good because it came from goodness? What are the practices for standing in “the tragic gap” and not becoming cynical or idealistic?
  2. To Break Your Heart a Little Bit. Meet Captain Wendy Kean, chaplain with the Royal Canadian Chaplain Service. She is working on a MA at the Atlantic School of Theology on the phenomenon of child soldiers and the problem of evil. I reflect on the practices of hope she is exploring and invite you to ponder what breaks your heart a little bit and how this can be a transforming spiritual practice.
  3. The Beauty of Darkness. Meet Alydia Smith, Program Coordinator, Worship and Spirituality with The United Church of Canada. She helps us explore the imagery that often teaches “light everything (including skin tones) is better.” She offers stories and her favourite images that embrace the beauty of the dark challenge and support creative understanding and practice.
  4. Decisional Forgiveness. In the fall there were articles reflecting on the 10th Anniversary of the Amish School House shootings when 10 young girls were killed or injured. The Amish community astonished the world with their practice of forgiveness. What does it mean to take a stance of decisional forgiveness or sometimes called “premeditated mercy”? Is it possible in our culture? Are we called to forgive much?
  5. Daily Gratitude. Meet Bev Brazier who uses her Facebook account to share daily expressions of gratitude. I reflect on her practice, what difference it makes and what keeps it authentic. We work on our own practices of gratitude and paying attention.
  6. A Common Heart. As we draw near Holy Week we explore Leonard Sweet’s words: If you want to make the world better, you do it one of three ways: make it more good, more true, or more beautiful. Jesus did all three.” We get ready for the Mystery of Easter. 

What you will receive:

  • A Welcome email with practical information about the email retreat and suggesting ways to get ready for Lent.
  • Six weekly e-mail retreats beginning Wednesday, March 1, 2017. You retreat at your own time, in your own space.
  • A copy of the retreat to download and print so you can retreat away from your computer.
  • Access to a private webpage on the Prayer Bench website where you can view full videos of the recorded conversations with my guests.

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