Personal E-mail Retreat Yearly Subscription 2016


Save time by signing up now for the three 2016 Personal E-mail Retreats and save $15.



There are three personal E-mail retreats: Lent, Creation-time (Fall) and Advent.
The 2016 price will be $25 each.
Take advantage of this yearly subscription and receive all three for $60.
This opportunity ends January 30, 2016.

If it is more convenient, you can opt to pay by cheque in two installments: one cheque now for $30 and the balance on a post-dated cheque for May 1, 2016.

What you will receive:
     – A Welcome E-mail and four or six (depending on the season) weekly email retreats in Lent, Creation-time (Fall) and Advent.
     – A copy of each retreat to download and print so you can retreat away from your computer.

You retreat at your own time, in your own space.
If you can receive E-mail you have all the technological know-how you need for this retreat!

Please contact me by at this e-mail if you have questions.

Here are general descriptions for the 2016 Personal E-mail Retreats. 

Lent 2016:  I am Sayings
Journey toward the mystery of Easter by exploring the seven sayings of the Wisdom Jesus. These ordinary metaphors help us notice blessing in our lives and deepen our contemplative life by suggesting everyday spiritual practices.

Autumn 2016: The Colour of Energy
As creation changes colour before our eyes, we explore our inner energy. We turn to 4th century desert teachers and modern practitioners to learn more about colour, energy and healing.

Advent 2016: The Quarters of Light
We are familiar with lighting candles of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love or perhaps even for Prophets, Angels, Shepherds, and Magi. This Advent we are invited into a large vision honouring seashells and bones, small plants and pine cones, beasts of the field, and so much more. Discover the quarters of Light.


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