O Wisdom: Small Group Study

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O Wisdom!

A four week Study on the Wisdom Literature of the Bible. Designed for Advent, but easily adapted for use throughout the year.

Janice MacLean, Host of the Prayer Bench with guests, the Rev. Catherine Smith and the Rev. Dr. Hugh Farquhar.


O Come, O Wisdom …
to us the path of knowledge show,
and teach us in her ways to go. 

In this four week study (perhaps more like a quest), we trace the path of Wisdom knowledge through four books of the Bible.

Proverbs … exploring the place where Wisdom begins and the call to “wake up.”
Psalms … when the heart cries and we deal with the hard questions of life.
Ecclesiastes … inviting us to seek happiness in a life of contradictions.
Song of Songs .. bringing our longing into deep relationship.

You will receive:

  • Four 10-12 minute downloadable audio recordings presenting the theme;
  • A written script of the audio talks;
  • A Leader Page outlining a flexible one-hour group process with opening, centering, discussion questions, group spiritual practice and closing prayer;
  • A Participant Handout Page, including daily reading suggestions for deeper reflection on each Book;
  • Access to a Wisdom webpage with supplemental resources.

An Internet connection is needed to access the audio recordings but once downloaded they are available to play from your computer. Once downloaded no internet connection is required.

The cost of this Small Group package is $25. 

When you register you will receive an “order confirmation.” You will receive an E-Mail with a link to a private webpage where you will find all the resources. 

About a Prayer Bench Small Group Study … “From the beginning my group has had very deep conversations using Prayer Bench studies  and as a leader theuy are an absolute joy to work with.” – Jean Ward


Please contact Janice at this email if you have any questions.


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