Spiritual Studies

There are two types of Spiritual Studies. Small Group Spiritual Studies are offered several times during the year. Individual Spiritual Studies are available for you when you register.

See below more more information about each type.

Small Group Spiritual Studies

small groupGather a group of 2 or more people and you have a small group. Only one person needs to register for the study.

Most studies are 4-6 weeks and take place during specific times of the church year.

Know that your small group is joined by 50-60 other groups. Introduce your group and learn more about others on the Access Page.

I thought the small group study was very well organized with excellent study material. Our study group wasn’t able to meet every week but we followed the weekly study schedule and we did try to do some discussion via email.

The Small Group includes:

  • A link to a downloadable video or audio pod-cast or print article;
  • A leader sheet with written group process for each 1 hour session;
  • Participant handouts to be photocopied for your group;
  • Other resources to supplement the process.
  • Sometimes there is a written script of the audio recording.

The leader needs basic computer skills to access and download the materials. The materials are found on an Access Page and you receive a link and a password. Return as many times as you need. Share the page with the members of your group.

Your group study takes place around the kitchen table or at a church meeting spaces. An internet connection is not needed once the leader has accessed and downloaded resource materials.

See FREE STUFF for a sample of a LEADER PAGE to review.

This resource may be particularly helpful to congregations with part-time ministry where time to offer all things is limited. But the Small Group Study is available to anyone looking for a resource to share with a small group.

I thought the format was wonderful for anyone to lead, but especially lay leaders. I’d promote that in another one because it opens up other possibilities for congregations and takes the pressure off a “minister study.” We all really liked the practices you used each week.  Practical and easy to “practice.”

Register for a Small Group Study in the PRAYER BENCH SHOP.

Individual Spiritual Studies

person on retreatLooking for a resource that you can use over a number of days? Planning a few days of personal retreat? Maybe you are taking a week of study leave or continuing education and are looking for something that helps give shape to your day?

Each Individual Spiritual Study is based on a theme and offers reflections, evocative questions, suggestions for spiritual practices, and other resources to explore the topic.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Link and password to an Access Page to a webpage with all the resources you need. Return as often as you like.
  • Five blocks of material which can be used over five days or during several sessions;
  • Exploration of the theme through downloadable videos, audio podcasts or printed sheets;
  • Journal questions, spiritual practices for a variety of learning styles, suggested activities to take the material deeper.
  • Some of the Individual Spiritual Studies suggest a book. The description will make this clear. The book is not provided.

When you register for an Individual Spiritual Study you will receive your link and password usually within 24 hours.

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