NOW: Advent Small Group Study

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We re-imagine our Christmas and Advent stories to help us explore what it means to live in liminal space this Advent.


Now is the Time 

The 2020 Advent Small Group Study is called “Now is the Time.”  The series begins by re-imagining the Advent and Christmas stories in the time of COVID-19 : 

  • When Mary Couldn’t Hug Elizabeth.
  • When all Joseph Could Do was Dream.
  • When Angels Couldn’t Sing.
  • When Shepherds Were Sheltering in Place
  • When Borders Where Closed.

This first session offers an opportunity for communities of faith to consider what it is like to inhabit liminal space and yet be ready to notice what possibilities are emerging in this space between pandemic and post-pandemic.

In the second session, we consider the invitation of the new leader of The Iona Community, Ruth Harvey, offered in her June 2020 address to the Corrymeela Community exploring the question, “What does it mean to be an emergent community?” (Used with permission.) We trust something is coming, rising out of the unknown. 

In the third session, we speak with Laura Hunter, Regions East minister of Justice, Mission and Outreach about emergent justice and prayer and where she is seeing signs of the time.  As communities of faith we are challenged by Advent practices to explore this liminal time and be the best version of who we are.

As we draw closer to the Mystery of Christmas, in the final session we use a meditation, written by Linda Yates on Mark 1:1-8, to deepen our practice of reading the signs of the times and considering the opportunities that are ours to explore as intentional communities of faith.

This resource will be available for Zoom or in-person gatherings.  While “Now is the Time” is written with process for small groups, it is also adaptable for personal use and meditation.

 What You Receive in this Small Group Study 

  • Leader’s Guide (includes the complete group process for four sessions: Gathering, Opening, Check-in, Discussion Questions, and a Group Spiritual Practice.)
  • Easily downloadable Audio Recordings for use in Session 1 and 3.
  • Easily downloadable Short Papers for use in Session 2 and 4.
  • A video alternative for Session 3 if desired.
  • Scripts of the Audio Recordings to download and photocopy.
  • Participants sheets with the questions for use in session or for take home reflection.
  • A customizable powerpoint presentation to use on Zoom. 
  • Downloadable image and customizable poster for the series. Social Media icon for promotion.

 How Do Prayer Bench Small Group Studies Work? 

When you register and pay, you receive an email with information to access a private webpage with all the resouces you need. You will also receive the Leader’s Guide in your confirmation email. 

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A preview of Session 1 is available by request. Email Janice

This Advent Small Group Study is included in the 2020 Subscriber Group package.


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